Course Duration

2 months

Course fee

$367 / ₹20,000


100% placement support


2 Months IT Internship

Details of Web design in California Course

A2N Academy stands to mold the web designing skills of students with our learning-by-doing web designing courses in California. In this front end development course in California, A2N Academy educates students on constructing interactive websites for PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Course Curriculum

The art of creating the look, feel and how websites and websites function briefly (page design) is web design. Ultimately, a clear UI and easy-to-use Web site will give your target audience a better user experience. There are several aspects of successful web design such as HTML, HTML5, sheets of cascades, colors, Javascript, sensitive design, layouts, social media, text size, graphics, etc. Understanding a vast number of programming languages will be critical for the development of your content in a web browser. You come to the right place if you wondered how you can learn web and UX design!

Through its online web design training in California, the academy improves students and offers the best job opportunities for entry-level web designers. This training will teach you to build a website from scratch. You'll start by learning about the best practices in web designing for web designing technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Following that, you will study Form Design, Styling, and Validation. Finally, you'll learn how to utilize Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate, among other programs.

In our live Web Designing classes, individuals will study Responsive Web Designing at a low cost while receiving one-on-one attention. During these sessions, you can see the instructor's screen, hear them, and ask any queries you have. Every component of web designing that we teach our students will aid in their web designing skills. The front-end development in California Real-World Projects will help you gain a broader understanding of web designing. A2N Academy's web designing academy in California prepares students for a successful career.

What will you learn?

  • Plan, design, and build dynamic database-driven websites using the most up-to-date web designing technologies.
  • Wireframe concept, HTML5, Bootstrap 4, Javascript, Website Hosting and Tools, UI Design, and CSS 3.0 are some of the technologies utilized in this Web Designing course in California.
  • The academy will provide you with the necessary technical skills in web designing before you enter the IT business.
  • For page decorating, learn basic HTML and CSS.
  • In the California web development course, you'll learn how to deal with clients and maintain track of your work.
  • Assists you in gaining access to several web designing job networks
  • To help you by boosting your self-confidence and guides you by performing mock interviews and exams.
  • The academy will guide you through real-world projects and tasks to teach you specific web designing skills.

Web Designing Salary and Job Roles

After the website designing course completion in California, work as a:

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Front end Web Designer

One of the pillars of every company is its website. As an outcome, businesses use web designers to develop and manage their online brand identity across their websites. Entry-level Web designers earn an average annual salary of 2 and 3 lacs, whereas those with more years of experience earn 20 and 30 lacs per year. Your salary depends on your web designing skills, job type, and location.

Batch Timings

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Duration Timing
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Course Benefits

UI Development course in California offered by A2N Academy that allows you to explore and expand your technical abilities and expertise.

Working on Real-Time Projects

Working on Real-Time Projects

The web designing instructors at the academy deliver an accessible, adaptable, and stimulating learning experience.

Live instructor-led training

Live instructor-led training

To educate you in developing web designing skills before entering the IT field.

Job Placements

Job Placements

The academy's pros will support and guide you through the process of looking for a web designing job.

Build Your Professional Network

Build Your Professional Network

The academy helps you get in contact with various renowned professional job networks.

Internship Programs

Internship Programs

After completing Front end development courses in California online, internship programs will help you get experience and change your career path in the IT industry.

Mock Interviews and Resume Building

Mock Interviews and Resume Building

In this UI development course, we will assist you in developing a confident attitude and fluent speech by performing mock interviews and resumes.

Class Schedule Flexibility

Class Schedule Flexibility

The website designing course in California is scheduled at your convenience by the academy.

Certification and recommendation letter

Certification and recommendation letter

Once the web designing course is done, the academy will award you a course completion certificate

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

Before entering the IT profession, the A2N Academy web designing course in California allows you to engage in constructive learning and provides you with internship chances.

  • Take advantage of the two-month internships in website designing.
  • Make the most of your web designing skills by putting them to good use.
  • Our IT experts will assist you by preparing you to deal with any technical issues that may arise during your internship.

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Web design in California


This online web design course lasts two months.

Professional Web Designers make more than 20 lakhs per year, whereas entry-level Web Designers make 3-4 lakhs per year. Salaries vary depending on the type of business, the location, the amount of experience, the job type, and other considerations. We help our students prepare for an interview and land a job at one of the leading IT firms.

Yes, our academy's instructors provide a free demonstration session. You can enroll in this web designing course after a sample session has persuaded you.

After you've completed the Web Designing Course, we'll give you a certificate. You will profit from the credential on your job assignments.

Yes, we give our students with web designing course materials.

 Yes, we can help you get a job when you finish your web development course.

There is no qualification required to do the course.

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Course Certification

By working on real-time projects and tasks, we at A2N foster and enhance your web designing skills. During the web development course in California, students are required to attend both academic and practical sessions. After you complete the web designing course in California, the academy will award you a certificate. It conveys to potential IT employers the importance and scope of the Resume. Only students who have completed real-world projects and assignments and had their assessments verified by business specialists are awarded the Website Designing course completion certificate in California by the academy.

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01 Contact

For more information about the UI development course in California, please contact A2N Academy's career advisors. Learn about the range of technical proficiency required for web design, as well as the advantages, perks, professional coaching, placement support, and other aspects.

02 Demo Sessions

Contact one of our academy consultants to schedule a free course demo session before enrolling in our front end development course.

03 Batch Timing

Our students have complete control over their schedules at A2N. We schedule your Web designing classes around your schedule.

04 Portal Access Login

Using the student site credentials you obtained, you may quickly access any information about your UI development course and batch.

05 Test Series

A2N Academy offers a series of web designing mock examinations and interviews to help you enhance your technical and interpersonal abilities.

06 In-Progress Projects

Through real-world projects, you will obtain valuable experience with the A2N Academy online website designing course in California.

07 Internship Programs

Following your web development course in California, the academy places you in a two-month internship with a reputable IT firm, where you will develop web designing technical skills and job experience.

08 Employment Opportunities

Following completion of the Front end development Course in California, the academy offers free placement assistance through its placement professionals, who will assist you in finding a well-paying job.

09 Jobs Placements

By providing the most complete web designing training, A2N Academy assists students in obtaining a respectable pay package and perks at reputable IT businesses.