Course Duration

2 months

Course fee

$300 / ₹15,000


100% placement support


2 Months IT Internship

Details of Web Designing Course in Hyderabad

We focus on developing web design abilities in students through our web design course, which employs a learning-by-doing technique and creates responsive websites from scratch for all platforms, including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets, with the objective of nurturing students.

Course Curriculum

Our academy makes a difference in the lives of students by providing online web design training and the highest possible compensation for entry-level web designers. Every notion we provide to the students will aid in the development of their web design abilities. Our Real-World Projects may help you learn more about website design and development, as well as the internet business, while also allowing you to enhance your resume and obtain corporate exposure. After you complete your web design degree, the academy will provide you with a well-paying job in Hyderabad.

Prerequisites for a Web Design course are as follows:

Because IT businesses do not demand a degree or accreditation, our online web design course is open to anybody with a basic understanding of computers. Students with a B.E., B.Tech., or Diploma degree are eligible to apply based on their educational credentials. It will increase your chances of landing a job with a reputable IT firm around Hyderabad.

The following are some of the additional benefits of taking an online Web Designing course:

Our sophisticated online Web Designing Course will assist you in obtaining employment with well-known IT firms all around the world. These online web design courses may be beneficial to both individuals seeking a new job and those who are already employed.

All of your web design questions will be answered in our online course.

  • Some of the subjects we cover are HTML5, Bootstrap 4, Javascript, Website Hosting and Tools, UI Design, CSS 3.0, and Wireframe Principles.
  • After finishing this online web design course, entry-level designers can work as Web designers, Web developers, UX designers, UI designers, and Front-End Web designers.
  • Because we understand how the IT industry works, our online web design course may be beneficial to you.
  • We give you the necessary business experience to help you prepare for a career in IT.
  • The web design course will educate you on how to work with clients and will help you to better organize your learning.
  • Our online web design course teaches students how to create responsive designs using the Bootstrap framework and without it.
  • We'll assist you with day-to-day activities as well as teach you about cutting-edge industrial applications.
  • Our academy will educate you on how to use technologies that will make it easier for you to build websites and manage code.

By allowing trainers to teach and help students at each level of Real-Time projects, we ensure that students are aware of the difficulties they will face in the IT sector. We feel that many websites and internet pages are tough to comprehend. As a result, each website and page in our online web design course is thoroughly examined.

  • You'll be able to connect with a number of job networks if you take this web design course.
  • In order to assist students to acquire confidence, we also give practice interviews and tests.
  • We will provide you the opportunity to work as an intern in an IT company following your web design training to get important industry experience.

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Career opportunities after completing our web design course.

Each student's online web design training at our institution is tailored to their specific needs. Our experts tailor web design lessons to students' and working professionals' specific needs. The most important advantage of this online web design academy is that it ensures job placement with IT, software, and web design companies.

Those who have completed online web design MOOCs can pursue the following careers:

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Front end developer
  • Front end Web Designer

Website designers help firms establish and manage their virtual brand presence since websites are their virtual presence over the market. Web designers with less experience may expect to make between INR 2 and 4 lakhs per month, while those with more experience can earn up to INR 6 lakhs. Depending on the job function, expertise, kind of labor, city, and other variables, this may vary by industry. Go to this page for more information about salaries.

Batch Timings

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Course Benefits

The web design course offered by A2N Academy is designed to meet the most recent industry standards, and it holistically improves students' technical abilities through live lectures and real-world projects, preparing them for a career in the field.

Free internships are available.

Free internships are available.

After finishing web design classes, learn, apply, and exceed by putting your theoretical knowledge into practice in the business sector.

Assistance with placement

Assistance with placement

With a web design education, you may get career guidance and job placement assistance for a range of positions.

Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

With the assistance of a competent instructor, begin your web design course at your own speed.

Make a professional connection.

Make a professional connection.

Make contacts in the sector to improve your chances of landing a job in web design.

Certification and Recommendation Letter

Certification and Recommendation Letter

For your web design course, get a certificate of completion as well as a letter of recommendation.

Projects that take place in real time

Projects that take place in real time

Working on real-world projects as part of your web design course will help you enhance and refresh your skills.

With a live tutor, you

With a live tutor, you'll be able to improve your skills.

Learn from industry experts in a fun, engaging, and practical way.

Putting together a CV and preparing for a mock interview

Putting together a CV and preparing for a mock interview

Our experts can assist you in improving your profile and scheduling practice interviews.

Student Reviews

The students have successfully completed web designing course in Hyderabad and are placed in well reputed firms across the globe.

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

We provide a variety of internship options via our web design courses in Hyderabad, allowing you to engage in hands-on learning while simultaneously preparing you for the workplace.

  • Internships with a minimum of two months' duration are offered.
  • Use everything you've learned and put your abilities to the test.
  • To enter into the IT business, take advice from specialists.

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Web Designing Course in Hyderabad


The online web design program takes two months to finish.

Companies offer the following positions after completion of Web Designing training:

Web Designer

UI Designer

UX Designer

Front end developer

Front end Web Designer

Yes, the experienced trainers will provide a free demo lesson. You can enroll in the course if you have been convinced by the demo class.

Yes, following successful completion of the Web Designing program with us, we issue a certificate. This qualification will assist you in obtaining a well-paying career.

Yes, each student enrolling in the web design course will receive a copy of the course materials.

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Course Certification

At A2N, you will get and develop a wide range of real-time project and activity experience that is critical in the corporate world. Every student will be certified after finishing the Web Design course, and we will give comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction. This boosts the value of your CV and makes it easier to get high-paying employment with reputable IT firms. To increase the standard, students will only get an A2N course completion certificate after completing projects and assignments and having their evaluations validated by industry professionals who trained them. The e-certificate includes a unique identifier that may be downloaded from the website when the course is completed and shared on professional websites to promote your technical skills.

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01 Contact

Get in contact with one of our career counselors to learn more about our web design courses. Our specialist counselors can provide you with full information on the web designing course's scope, advantages, professional advice, placement support services, and many other aspects.

02 Demo

Talk to our specialists and arrange a free demo class now before enrolling in the web design course!

03 Batch Assign

Our students can choose from a variety of schedules at A2N. Choose the times and batches that are most convenient for you and begin your web design instruction now.

04 Portal Access

Log in to the student site with the credentials supplied and gain access to all comprehensive information about your web design course and batch.

05 Test Series

Improve your technical and professional abilities by taking a series of simulated examinations and mock interviews.

06 Live Projects

This online web design course will provide you with practical experience by allowing you to work on real-world projects.

07 Internship

After completing your online web design course, you will have the chance to expand your practical knowledge and get real-world experience by interning for a minimum of two months with reputable IT businesses.

08 Get Job Opportunities

After completing the web design course, get free help and support from our professional placement specialists to get a job in a reputable business anywhere in the world.

09 You are Placed

We give our students the finest chances in the business and assist them in finding the best fit for their technical abilities.