Course Duration

2 months

Course fee

$300 / ₹15,000


100% placement support


2 Months IT Internship

Details of Web Designing course in Vijayawada

We provide continuous assistance to our students to ensure their future. Whether its getting admission at an institution in securing employment in leading web design and IT organizations through our online web designing training in Vijayawada. Intending to train and mentor students from all walks of life, A2N Academy’s end goal is to grow web designing expertise to meet professional standards. It does this by introducing a carefully designed curriculum that combines both academic and project-based learning with open communication and under the supervision of our teaching staff. Whatever the platform, whether it is a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet we ensure efficient learning on our E-Learning facilities.

Course Curriculum

The academy changes the lives of students by giving them the chance of admission in the best universities and placements in top notch jobs with great salaries. The online web designing course in Vijayawada is the ticket to successful employment for entry level web designer. The course promises to teach web designing from the basics and allows students to pursue higher level courses at great prices. It consists of training of the programming languages that make up web design such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you are familiar with that you will learn about creative designing and styling of your website layout with heavy emphasis on bootstrap. These will enhance your web development skills. The final part of the online web designing course in Vijayawada trains you to add animation and motion graphics by introducing you to the softwares of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate. Every element we teach the students will help them improve their web designing skills. Apart from academic scores, we specifically emphasize on practical hands-on experience for our learners before they enter the professional world. Our real-world projects and assignments provide skill-based work experience that proves useful for your resume, portfolio and reputation in the corporate world.

What do you require?

A formal university degree isn’t required to enroll in the A2N academy for the online web designing course in Vijayawada as IT companies don’t ask about your college degree. However, a Bachelor’s degree is recommended with an individual’s minimum qualification being a 10+2 school pass. The nature and level of your degree along with your academic achievements will determine your chances of being hired by reputed and prosperous IT companies.

What will you learn?

● Programming languages used in Website design that include HTML5, Bootstrap 4,CSS 3.0 and JavaScript. Other things include Website Hosting techniques and Tools, UI Design and Wireframe idea in this Web Designing course in Vijayawada.

● The web designing technology-based skills you require before entering the IT industry.

● The web designing course will teaches you corporate workplace social skills and etiquette including client- employee interactions.

● Professional networking – It help you interact with other web designing job networks and helps you expand your connections to build your business.

● To assist you by building confidence and social interaction skills, conducting mock interviews and exams.

● Providing knowledge and practical experience by working on effective Real-world projects and assignments.

Web Designing Salary and Job Roles

After the web designing course completion in Vijayawada, you can work as a

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Front end Web Designer 
  • HTML developer
  • Software developer

In the digital age websites represent a company's identity and brand on the internet. It is the face of a business or organization. Companies hire website designers to build and maintain their online brand identity across the world wide web to maximize their attractiveness, viewability and inflow of clients/customers/. Web designers who are freshers and have less than 3 years of experience may expect to make between 2 and 3 lacs per year, while those with more experience can make up to 20 lacs per year. These can very amongst organizations according to levels of skill, experience, location and type of employment.

Batch Timings

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Duration Timing
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Course Benefits

The availability of the Web Designing Course in Vijayawada by A2N Academy comes with various benefits catering to your requirements for students of all types with an emphasis on both academic and skill-based learning.

Live Instructor Training

Live Instructor Training

Provision of efficient, adaptable, and interactive teaching via face-to-face live interactions with the web designing training staff of the academy.

Free Internship Opportunities

Free Internship Opportunities

A2N academy offers qualified candidates free internship placements in the right areas To help gain experience in Web designing before they step into the corporate world.

Placement Guidance

Placement Guidance

To increase web designing career opportunities, the academy experts will counsel and guide you with the placement process. This will help you make the right decisions.

Build your Professional Network

Build your Professional Network

The academy helps you expand your professional connections by introducing and linking your profile with various well-known professional job networks.

Mock Interview and Resume Building

Mock Interview and Resume Building

To build good workplace communication skills and learn corporate social norms, the academy provides mock interviews and helps you to polish your resume in this web designing course.

Flexible Class Schedule

Flexible Class Schedule

For your convenience and as per your preference, we schedule your web designing course batch timing.

Certification and Recommendation Letter

Certification and Recommendation Letter

Once you meet the requirements needed to complete the web designing course, the academy awards you with a web designing course completion certificate that you can add to your C.V.

Working on Real-Time Projects

Working on Real-Time Projects

The Web Designing course in Vijayawada helps you build and upgrade industry necessary skills through project-based work.

Student Reviews

These are what some of our students have to say about our Web Designing Course in Vijayawada. Many of them are successfully working at high end jobs in the IT industry while others have started their own businesses and companies using web designing as a skill.

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

A2N Academy's web designing course in Vijayawada allows you to partake in practice-based real world learning and prepares you with internship opportunities before stepping into the corporate world to further your career goals.

● You immensely Benefit from the provision of web designing Internships that are at least two months long gaining necessary skills and experience.

● Bring your newfound knowledge of web designing to the table and bring it to good use whether for professional or personal reasons.

● Become a core member of the IT industry and learn from the experts in the field.

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Web Designing course in Vijayawada


You can complete this web designing course online in 2 months. However, the course is self-paced and students who are parallelly working at a job or pursuing their degree can do it at their own convenience.


It all depends on the level of experience, For freshers i.e Entry-level Web Designers and Developers earn between 3-4 lakhs per year, with professional Web Designers receiving more than Rs. 20 lakhs per year. Packages differ depending on the market, city, level of experience, job, and other factors. We help our students easily apply for an interview and land the best possible high-paying job.

The Jobs available after the Web Designing Course completion are

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Front end Web Designer
  • HTML developer
  • Software developer

- B.E, B.Tech Graduates or Undergraduates

-Diploma students having minimal computer knowledge

-Individuals looking to change their current profile to a Front-end web Developer or Designer.

-Who aims to be an entrepreneur in the Web Designing Industry

- People who plan to start their own businesses and startups.

Yes, the professional trainers will provide a free demo session. We like to make sure our students are adequately You can participate in this web designing course after you feel assured by the demo session.

There are no prerequisites as such but basic knowledge of computers alongside familiarity with any programming language is recommended.

After satisfactory completion of the Web Designing and Development training with us, we issue a certificate. This degree add value to your resume will assist you in obtaining a well-paying career.

Yes, we do provide web designing course material to each of our students to ensure that they get practice and experience. Some of them are part of the tests.

Yes, we provide complete placement assistance after winding up the web designing course to candidates who meet certain requirements to complete the certificates.

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Course Certification

During your time at A2N, you'll be working on real-time projects and assignments required for corporate world, allowing you to get a wide range of experience. During the website designing course in Coimbatore, students have to participate in written, theoretical, and practical sessions. Then the academy will offer a web designing course completion certificate. It improves your resume's attractiveness and makes it simpler for companies. An A2N web designing Course Completion Certificate will be awarded only to students who have met requirements in terms of completing real-world projects and assignments and had their assessments acknowledged by business professionals.

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01 Contact

For further information about the Web Designing course in Vijayawada, contact The A2N Academy career counselors using the details given on the website. Get accurate data on the scope, benefits, professional direction, placement support services, and many more aspects of the online web designing course in Vijayawada.

02 Demo sessions

Before enrolling in our web designing course, make sure you talk to our experts and schedule a free demo session of the course to make sure you are adequately prepared to pursue what you signed up for.

03 Assignment of Batches

A2N provides adjustable timings for our students. You are free to schedule timings and the batch according to your convenience. You will be placed into a batch according to the timings you have submitted.

04 Portal Access Login

Once you create an account you will receive logging information. With the credentials received for the student portal, it is easy to gain access to all detailed information related to your web designing course and batch and keep track of progress.

05 Test Series

A2N Academy keeps track of your learning and academic progress by periodically giving tests. They will assist you by providing a series of mock tests and mock interviews on web designing and improve your technical and communication skills.

06 Live Projects

You can level up your skills and experience by working on real-time projects with the A2N Academy online web designing course in Vijayawada. This gives you the hands on work experience to enter the professional world.

07 Internship programs

When you finish the web designing training in Vijayawada, the academy will help you put these skills to use to gain experience via internship placements. You will spend time getting exposure in reputed IT companies for a minimum of two months.

08 Get Job Opportunities

After you complete the Web Design Course in Vijayawada your chances of getting a job at a reputed IT firm or multinational company are greatly enhanced... Our students are currently working at various top-notch IT companies through their web designing skills.