Frequently asked Web Design Interview Questions

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Here are some of the most often requested Web design interview questions to help you ace your interviews. So hurry up and get your studies underway!

1.What are the different types of CDNs that jQuery supports?

ANS:With jQuery, there are two extensively used CDNs: Microsoft: Loads from the jQuery AJAX CDN. The Google libraries API was used to load jQuery.

2.What are the benefits of jQuery's content delivery network (CDN)?

ANS:CDNs are extensively utilised in jQuery since they provide a plethora of benefits to consumers. The burden on the server is significantly reduced thanks to CDNs. They help to save a significant amount of bandwidth. Because to optimizations, jQuery frameworks load quicker. CDNs have the ability to cache data, resulting in faster load times.

3.In jQuery, what is the purpose of the $() function?

ANS:The $() function is a wrapper that transforms things into their jQuery equivalents. This is done in order to allow users to call any of the jQuery object's stated methods. Note that selectors can also be provided to the $() method, resulting in a jQuery object containing DOM items that match.

4.What is pair programming, and how does it work?

ANS:Pair programming is a scenario in which you will collaborate closely with a colleague on a project in order to address the difficulties at hand. Agile development may not be effective in a fast-paced development situation. This question is asked to evaluate if you can easily and efficiently collaborate with others.

5.In jQuery, what is the purpose of the each() function?

ANS:Each() is a jQuery function that iterates across a set of items. The each() method can take a function as an argument. Each of the events for which the object has been called will be executed as a result of this.

6.When a jQuery Event Handler returns false, what happens?

ANS:If a boolean false value is returned by the jQuery Event Handler, it simply signifies that the event will not proceed any further and will terminate the execution of the action it is linked with.

7.In a web application, how can you emphasise SEO, maintainability, performance, and security?

ANS:In a Web Development interview, this is a popular question. The interviewer is attempting to gauge your knowledge of the working environment at the company you've applied to. If it's a big company, security will take precedence over SEO. If it's a publishing company, on the other hand, SEO takes precedence. This question should be easier to answer if you do some research on the firm. We'll go on to the following web developer interview question, which is about jQuery. Take a look at it.

8.In JavaScript, what is the purpose of the 'defer' attribute?

ANS:As a boolean type attribute, the defer attribute is utilised. It's used to make JavaScript code on a web page wait until the parser has finished loading and initialising the page.

9.What is the significance of the keyword in JavaScript?

ANS:This is a keyword that allows you to access the current object in a programme. This object is contained within a method, and the keyword is used to refer to the associated variable or object.

10.In JavaScript, what are undefined and undeclared variables?

ANS:Undefined variables are variables that have been declared but not yet initialised. On the other hand, an undeclared variable is one that is utilised in a programme without being declared.

11.In JavaScript, how is type conversion handled?

ANS:Automatic type conversion is supported by JavaScript. You may easily send a function as a parameter into another function since it is loosely typed. As values are automatically transformed to the proper data type, there are no errors or data type-related warnings.

12.What's the distinction between and?

ANS:The window.onload event isn't triggered until a page has fully loaded, including all CSS and image style. When rendering a web page, the event causes a slight delay. The onDocumentReady event will only wait until the DOM has been initialised before starting the event action. This guarantees that any delays in action are minimised.

13.What are the different sorts of popup boxes in JavaScript?

ANS:In JavaScript, there are three different types of dialogue boxes: Alert: Displays a message and a 'Ok' button to users. Confirm: Displays a window with buttons for 'Ok' and 'Cancel.' Prompt: Displays the user input along with buttons for ‘OK' and ‘Cancel.'

14.What are the different data types in JavaScript?

ANS:The following data types are supported by JavaScript: Boolean Number Object Undefined Null String Function

15.What Web Development technologies are you familiar with?

ANS:In a Web Development interview, this is a popular question. Answer this question based on your knowledge, experience, and expertise in this sector. A good Web Developer, on the other hand, will be proficient in any of the following technologies: HTML CSS JavaScript SQL Python PHP

16.What does lengthy polling mean in web development?

ANS:Long polling is a programming style that simulates a data push activity from a server to a client. When lengthy polling is enabled, the client sends a request to the server, which then pushes the data. Only when the data is transmitted to the client or the timeout requirements are fulfilled will the connection timeout.

17.What are the advantages of using external style sheets?

ANS:External style sheets provide a plethora of benefits to developers. The following are some of the advantages: Classes can be reused as many times as needed. They make it possible to manage the style of several documents from a single file. Styles may be applied quickly using selectors and grouping.

18. In CSS, what is the z-index?

ANS:The Z-index is a CSS attribute that determines the order of components on a web page. It is based on order indices, with higher-order elements appearing before lower-order elements. It only applies to elements that are positioned, i.e. elements that are required to have the position property.

19.What is the purpose of float in CSS?

ANS:A useful CSS property for controlling the layout and position of an element on a web page is float.

20. What is pagination, and how does it work?

ANS:Pagination refers to the order in which pages appear on a website. These sites are linked together and feature comparable information for users to see.

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