How to Shift your Career as a Web Designer from Other Industries

Web Design | Business, Design, Technology | May 23,2021 | By Ajay Kumar

Shifting your career is not as difficult as it seems especially if you have the right resources to help you. Now is the perfect time to switch your career as a Web Designer, as everything is shifting on the digital platform. There is an upsurge of jobs for Web designers as businesses are investing in their websites. U.S Bureau of Labour Studies stated that in the US web designing provided employment to 174,300 designers. The web designer job is expected to escalate by 8% from 2021 to 2030, which is comparatively faster than other occupations.

When you are shifting your career there are few questions that would definitely pop up in your mind. This article provides an insight into the common questions and doubts an individual has while shifting their career as a web designer.

I am from a non-technical background will I get a job as Web Designer?

Yes, you can change your career as a web designer. To become a web designer you must be familiar with web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery and tools and frameworks related to web designing. Develop a strong foundation of technical knowledge and soft skills. A2N Academy is a great place to learn web design course, it will provide you a complete solution to enhance your technical and professional skills to secure your career as a web designer.

Is there any career growth as Web Designer?

Yes, there is exponential growth in this field, as currently, the IT industries are overflowing with wonderful career opportunities for web designers across the globe. The job opportunities are also predicted to grow significantly in the coming years. Web Designer is an excellent choice to kickstart your career in the IT industry and set an upward career trajectory.

Is it possible to get a job as a web designer if I have a career gap?

Freelancing is the answer to your question! You can pursue this enjoyable and flexible career path and work anywhere, anytime at your convenience. A freelance web designer can more by working for longer hours and save on travel, work clothes, and extra expenditures. You can easily sit and earn from the vicinity of your home.

Can I become a web designer without a degree?

You definitely can become a web designer without a degree, you just need to have knowledge of web technologies, tools, libraries, and frameworks used in web designing. You can also pursue a diploma course if you don’t want a degree. You must excel in your technical and professional skills to get a job as a web designer.

Are web designers in demand in near future?

Due to the trend of digitalization across the globe, it is expected that job opportunities will increase by 8-10% in the next decade, this is comparatively higher compared to other occupations. There is a significant advancement and progress in the web design field and will provide you immense opportunities and growth in the near future.

How to become a professional web designer?

To become a professional web designer, you just need to:

  • Learn all the basic web technologies like HTML, CSS, jQuery, and javascript. A2N Academy is one of the best training institutes which will provide you an enriched knowledge on all the skills required to become a web designer.
  • Learn basic tools, libraries, and frameworks used to design a website.
  • Continuously practice and work on your creativity and develop user-friendly websites.
  • Keep yourself updated according to recent industry trends.
  • Build your brand or portfolio to showcase your creativity and skills as a web designer. Post across various digital platforms to showcase your work. The best way to showcase your skills as a web designer is to build a strong portfolio.

How A2N Academy helps you to become a professional web designer?

At A2N Academy you will learn an opportunity to learn to design a website from the basics. It doesn’t matter if you have a technical or non-technical background, you will be taught right from scratch to design a website. You will also learn how to create mobile-friendly and responsive websites using frameworks such as Bootstrap. With A2N Academy’s web design course, you will be equipped with all the necessary skills required to become a professional web designer. Gain access to all course materials, and recorded classes to refer to anytime, anywhere. Get professional guidance and free internship opportunities to gain corporate exposure as a web designer.

To know more about the web design course visit our website and become a professional web designer today!

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