Job Opportunities and Career as a web designer- Eligibility, Salary, Job Roles, Future Scope

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Who is a web designer?

Web designing is a vital aspect for the success of any business in today’s scenario. Web designing is planning and creating a website to help a business enhance its outreach to its target audience. Web designers design websites keeping in mind various critical factors such as site architecture, user interface, graphics, text, responsiveness, images, fonts, color combinations, lightweight HTML, markup language, and various other elements which enhance the engagement rate of the users with the websites.

Web design is a good opportunity to kickstart your career in the IT industry even if you don’t have a background in coding. Web designers should have a blend of creativity and technical inclination to create, build and redesign websites like a pro. Websites created and developed for any business are designed taking into account the USPs of the business and the target audiences. Hence the organizations are very cautious about hiring web designers who will justify their requirements virtually with a well-designed and functional website. If you feel you have the perfect blend of technical and creative abilities, you should consider a future as a web designer.

Eligibility criteria to become a web designer!

To learn web designing it is not mandatory to have any specific educational qualification. However, if you looking for a full-time job opportunity as a web designer in the IT sector companies usually prefer candidates with a graduate or a diploma degree. Many designers have started their careers after completing a web design course or through any certification training from the college.

Can I become a freelance web designer without a degree?

If you are looking for a career as a freelancer is not mandatory to have a degree or a diploma. Freelance web designers are required to have a good portfolio of their previous work and necessary technical and marketing skills to connect with potential clients and build a strong client base. As a freelance web designer, you have the creative control and flexibility to work and design the website according to your preferred schedule. Many web designers prefer working full time to gain the necessary exposure and experience towards the clients and project workflow and build a strong portfolio before initiating their careers as freelance web designers. The web designers while working for a firm gain the necessary experience, enhance their skills, gain knowledge about various tools and techniques to build a website and launch it. Some web designers also prefer working simultaneously on full-time as well as freelance projects to build their portfolio and strong clientele base to start their career a full-time freelance web designers.

Read the table below to understand the eligibility criteria generally preferred across IT industries:
  • Should have diploma/ graduate degree
  • Diploma and certification course in web designing
  • Associate web design degree programs or specialized web design graduate/ masters program
Technical Skills
  • Basic: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript,jQuery
  • Advance: ReactJS, Angular, Vuejs, Emberjs, Backbonejs
Soft skills
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Detail-oriented
  • Time-Management
  • Problem-solving and research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Patience
  • imaginative
  • Self-evaluation and enhancements
Tools Adobe Photoshop, Sublime, Notepad++, Filezilla, Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver, Brackets
  • There are multiple career opportunities for freshers
  • Work experience is not a mandatory requirement
  • Part-time and internships can help enhance your skills and make you job ready
Any other prerequisites
  • No prerequisite as such
  • Should have basic communication skills
  • Recommended to have a diploma/ graduate degree

Salary range offered for web designers

Web designers are earning a satisfactory range of salaries in the current market scenario. The average salary estimated for a web designer is approximately 2-3 lakhs per annum. If you are starting your career as a web designer you can expect to earn an average of 1.5-2.5 lakhs per annum. Your salary gradually increases with the increase in the number of years of experience.

If you are a mid-level web designer you can expect an average salary range of 3.5-6.5 lakhs per annum. Whereas the current market salary range for a senior-level web designer ranges from 7lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum. The factors influencing the salary of the web designers are :

  • Type of industry you are employed in
  • Skillset
  • Job Location
  • Performance
  • Experience
  • Potential
  • Productivity
  • Cost of living
  • Legal compliances

Job opportunities as a web designer

Web designers are in heavy demand across the globe and industries due to the digitalization process. After attaining the required skill sets web designers can work in multiple profiles.

  • Front end web developer- A front end web developer is one who works on visual effects and interactivity features of a website
  • HTML Developer- Html developer helps in coding HTML for an end to end processing of the website
  • Backend Developer- A backend developer plays a vital role in the development of the website by integrating the code developed by front end developers and handling the server-side of the application logic
  • UI Developer- UI Developers play a fascinating role in the development of the website by converting creative designs and logic using the front-end technology into reality.
  • Web Analyst- Web Analysts play a significant role in analyzing, managing, and handling the development costs of the website.
  • Senior web analyst- Senior web analyst develops and maintains software solutions using the latest technologies.
  • Web Marketing Analyst- Web Marketing analysts play a crucial role in the development of the website by understanding and analyzing the client’s e-behavior,
  • The duties of a web marketing analyst are diverse, including the collection and interpretation of data concerning online client behavior, the implementation and development of website analysis, online advertising, and search engine optimization.
  • Web designing consultant- Web designing consultants develop websites while consulting their clients to understand and analyze their project scope and requirements, implement search engine optimization strategies that will enhance the traffic flow of the website. They work closely with private firms in some cases and some practice independently.

Job Description of a web designer

Web Designers have the sole responsibility of designing and creating aesthetic websites which not only attract businesses and clients but also have a user-friendly interface, navigation, and site architecture. While applying for jobs or working in an IT firm the web designers are expected to possess some basic skills and technical knowledge to design and develop websites. A web designer job description usually requires the candidate to have the following basic qualifications along with the ability to understand and analyze the client’s requirements with excellent communication.

Roles and responsibilities
  • Creating and designing responsive landing pages
  • Understanding and implementing client expectations
  • Designing sample pages according to the reference site with specific text font and colors
  • Design and manipulate digital graphics as per the requirement of the website
  • Interacting with back end developers and ensuring code has been properly integrated
  • Ensuring website has an optimal site and scalability
  • Implementing SEO strategies to optimize the website
  • Ensuring the effective functioning of the website across various devices and platforms
  • Continuous testing of the website
  • Interacting with the marketing team and incorporating the requirements of branding elements
  • Provide required internal and external support throughout the process of developing and the launch of the website.
Skills and qualifications
  • A relevant diploma/degree in the relevant field
  • Willingness to learn new techniques and technologies
  • Should have good designing and creative skills
  • Should have good proficiency in front end and graphic designing technologies
  • Have command of SEO techniques
  • Create responsive websites and address cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Have a good understanding and knowledge of content management systems
  • Excellent communication skills

Industries/ Sectors you work as a web designer

Post completion of the web designing course or the other mandatory qualifications required to initiate your career as a web designer you have multiple opportunities available at private and government job levels. In the current digital era where everything is shifting to a digital model, websites are one of the essential criteria for any business venture and hence demands will be upsurging for his profession eventually. These are the following industries and sectors web designers can work in:

  • Information Technology
  • Education sector
  • Media agencies
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Government sectors
  • Corporate firms
  • Marketing agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Automobile industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Freelancing

Career Path of a Web Designer

If you are looking forward to establishing your career as a web designer or a front-end developer the candidate should have completed a diploma or a bachelor’s/ graduate degree. There are no particular competitive exams to pursue a career as a web designer however some companies take aptitude and technical tests before selecting candidates.

You can start your career as an intern/ trainee web designer, where you get the necessary exposure to a live working environment and get exposure to projects with limited responsibilities. You will learn from experienced professionals in the field and get an opportunity to add new skills, projects links to your resumes. You will also get clarity on understanding the objectives of the projects. This is an opportunity to understand and analyze what the job demands from you and how your skills will be an asset to the organization.

Once you start progressing on the ladder of your career you will be entrusted upon with more responsibilities by becoming a full-time web designer. The designs will be created by you and you will interact directly with the clients to understand and deliver their requirements in the form you a user-friendly website. This will be a way for you to constantly learn and upgrade your technical and interpersonal skills.

You will be promoted to senior web designer where you will be handling and leading multiple projects, clients, and junior web designers. Post this you can either enter into a full-time managerial position or upgrade into full stack developer. Entering into the managerial role you can become creative director and senior manager of your organization.

Future scope as a web designer

With the transformation of business ventures to digital platforms, the internet will continue to rule the global market. So if you are in the web field, you will get constant career development opportunities laid out for you in the near future. Clients and customers want to make a significant virtual presence to enable their product/service outreach across the globe. Hence, the software industry is always on the lookout for individuals who are adequately talented in executing and delivering accurate and on-time results. However, web designers should be equipped and ready to transform beyond the conventional design boards to become architects of a new revolution that is altering classic Web design notions.

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