Top 15 HTML Interview Questions

Web Design | Business, Digital, Technology | Sep 27,2021 | By Shashvathi G
Here are some of the most often requested HTML interview questions to help you ace your interviews. So hurry up and begin studying!

1. Expand HTML?

ANS: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

2. What is HTML?

ANS: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language for creating website templates or WebPages that display material on the World Wide Web.HTML pages are preserved by appending.html or.html to the end of the URL.

3. Explain the basic structure of HTML?

ANS: The basic structure of the HTML template is:

4 Is it possible to change the HTML tag's attribute-value dynamically?

ANS: Yes, we can modify the value of the attributes by using JavaScript.

5. How can we comment in HTML?

ANS: Developers use comments to keep track of the code's functioning and to make it easier for other developers to comprehend the code's operations browser will not display the commented outlines. To comment on a line, start it with. Comments might be single or many lines long.

6. What is HTML5?

ANS: HTML5 is the most recent or updated version of HTML's markup language..

7. Is it possible to convert inline components to block-level elements?

ANS: Yes, we can convert inline elements to block-level elements by setting show equal to block in their CSS tags. When you write it, inline elements will become block elements, and inline elements will take up the entire width of the container.

8. What are the different browsers that support HTML5?

ANS: Except for a few older browsers, all modern browsers support HTML5 components. However, the majority of browsers will accept html5 elements as inline elements.

9. Explain list elements in HTML?

ANS: The list elements in HTML are -

  • Ordered List (ol>) – An ordered list, often known as an ol tag, is a list that lists items in a numbered or alphabetical order.<
  • Unordered List (ul>) - An unordered list, also known as a ul tag, is a list that lists items in an unordered manner, such as in a bulleted format or any other format.
  • Definition List (dl>) – A Definition List, often known as a dl tag, organizes items in the same way that a dictionary does.

10. Define forms in HTML?

ANS: When a user fills out a form or offers any information, we need to use HTML forms to gather that information and record it in our database.

11. In HTML, how do we make a hyperlink?

ANS: In HTML, the anchor element, often known as the tag, is used to generate hyperlinks. This establishes a link between two HTML web pages.

12. Which are the new form elements in HTML5?

ANS: HTML5 includes the following new form elements:

  • Datalist - A datalist is a list of input control options.
  • Keygen - A key-pair generator (Private/Public) field is defined by this tag.
  • Output - A term used to describe the output of a calculation.

13. What is Quirks mode in HTML5?

ANS: It will go into Quirks Mode if we do not include the!DOCTYPE> element in our HTML page or Document. The HTML element is dependent on the browser in this mode. As a result, the content will be shown based on the browser.

14. Explain about Canvas?

ANS: Canvas is a pixel-based graphics that is one of HTML5's newest capabilities. It creates a region in the document where we may use JavaScript to render images, and it's resolution-dependent, so the quality will suffer when zoomed or resized.

15. What is the use of Meta tags in HTML?

ANS: The developer uses HTML meta tags to inform the browser about the page description, template creator, character set, keywords, and other information meta tags are used in search engine optimization to inform search engines about the contents of a page.

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