Trending Digital skills in 2021 including React JS and Java Full Stack Developer

Web Design | Business, Design, Technology | Jun 20,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

After the pandemic rose into existence, the globe has gone entirely digital. The Quess report mentions ReactJS and Java Full-stack Developer are trending as the top digital skills in demand.

According to a study by Quess, a leading market solutions provider and one of India's largest private businesses in this evolving environment has seen an increase in demand for talent with skills like Azure, Full Stack Growth, and React JS, among others.

These standards have increased by more than 100 percent in certain regions.

As CEOs develop business flexibility, there has been an increase in demand for cloud skills such as Salesforce and SAP modules.

Data science, cybersecurity, Kubernetes, and other cutting-edge digital skills are all on the rise.

As businesses embark on a transition path and upgrade their legacy system, there has been an overall uptick in upskilling activities from both the organizational and individual viewpoints, with deadlines as short as yesterday.

Despite the effect of the pandemic on IT and the broader technology market, the total demand for software positions is about 90% of pre-COVID numbers.

The Best 5 demanding Digital skills in the market:


React JS Developer, Java Full Stack Developer, Azure, Android Developer, and Angular JS Developer are the top five digital skills in demand.

In comparison to the same time in 2019, the total number of available positions for the job of React JS Developer increased by 184% in Mar-Oct 2020.

Similarly, there has been an increase in job opportunities for Java Full Stack Developer (62%) and Azure (28%) during this period.

Although the market for Android Developer (5%) and Angular JS Developer (14%) skills has decreased somewhat, they remain among the top niche skills in demand at the moment. Digital Skills preferred City-wise:

When it comes to the growing skills, React JS skills were in demand in Bengaluru and Delhi. Azure skills were in high interest in Mumbai and Hyderabad. AngularJS developers were in need in Chennai and Java Full-Stack Developers were in high demand in Delhi and Hyderabad, respectively.

Specialist expertise by platform-based platforms.

Demand for trained security experts and data encryption services has increased the transition to operating from home and the broader industrial migration to platform-based solutions.

Furthermore, as cloud migration becomes a standard prerequisite across programs, it is increasingly relevant for organizational transitions. Consumers expect a shorter project delivery period, driving up the demand for skilled applicants much further.

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