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Web Design | Business, Design, Technology | May 17,2021 | By Ajay Kumar

As Web Design courses are trending in India, consider Bangalore as your final destination for the best Web Design Training.

A2N Academy, an IT Training Institute, provides practical training of technical skills in Bangalore. The Web Design course offered by A2N Academy has benefitted most individuals by helping them get placed in a decent-paying IT job. It is not only the training that the academy focuses on but also the fee structure of the course. The Fee structure of the course is affordable and satisfactory. Before we talk more about the fee structure, let us first go through the basics.

With the A2N Academy Web Designing Course, you will learn

  • HTML5, Bootstrap 4, Javascript, Website Hosting and Tools, UI Design, CSS 3.0, and Wireframe concept
  • Gain the experience you'll need before entering the IT sector.
  • The web design course shows you how to work with customers and how to enhance organized learning.
  • Learn to interact with other professional job networks.
  • Learn to improve your communication skills with Mock interviews and assessments

Web Design Salary and Job Roles

After the course completion, you can work as:

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Front end Web Designer

Entry-level Web Designers can expect to earn between 5 and 6 lacs per year, while Senior-level Web Designers can earn up to 20 lacs per year. It varies across companies depending on the job location, capacity, nature of employment, city, and other factors.

Career opportunity and Internship Programs

A2N Academy's web design training allows you to indulge in practice-based learning even while training you for the business sector through internship opportunities.

Benefit from Internships of two months.

Bring your insight to the level and bring it to better use.

Become a component of the IT industry and benefit from the pros.

Web Designing course fees structure in Bangalore:

The best part of this Web Designing Course is the Fee structure. A2N Academy offers the training of 2 months for just ₹15,000.

It is indeed surprising as other IT Institutes have a fee structure quite heftier than A2N.

With an aim to provide knowledge on each concept, the Academy collaborating with professional trainers cover explicit web designing concepts of- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Jquery.

A2N Academy has kept this minimal fee structure to benefit not only students and freshers. It focuses on teaching individuals residing in remote areas, working professionals, who had a shift in their career, and freelancers. Hence, this allows students and individuals to afford technical courses.

Lastly, the course completion certificate offered by the A2N Academy will benefit you to get placed in a top-notch IT company.

Do not delay any further. Go on and enroll now!

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