Web Designing Course with placements in Bangalore

Web Design | Business, Design, Technology | Jun 29,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

With guaranteed Job placements, Web design courses are trending in Bangalore.

After the pandemic came into the picture, various renowned companies and businesses incurred losses. The effect was pretty harsh. Hence, many companies opted to market their business virtually, and that is where Web designers played their role.

Various websites designed by professional web designers highly recognized by the audience have helped companies get back into the business.

Hence, it is evident that Web Designers are in high demand, especially in the IT Industry.


  • Most Web Designers begin from cities but eventually receive good Job Placements from NY, New York, and CA, Los Angeles.
  • In India, Web Designers are flourishing in cities like Bangalore, Maharashtra, Chennai, and many more.
  • Web Designers usually wish to work in Private and Public companies as there is a satisfying salary package.


There is no doubt that Web designers earn satisfying annual pay.

  • Web Designers with good job placements earn an average annual pay of 8-9 lakhs. The salary increases depending on years of experience.
  • Web Designers are also getting paid an average annual salary of 40 to 60 lakhs in various startups like Swiggy, Ola, OYO, and many more.

A2N Academy is one of those leading IT training Institutes situated in Bangalore. With adequate technical training, the academy offers training with a learning-by-doing approach.

How does A2N Academy help you with Job Placements?

Mock interview and Resume building

With assistance from our experts, you will surely enhance your communication skills through mock interviews.

Real-time projects and assignments

The academy improves your technical skills by asking you to work on real-time projects and assignments. The results of working on these projects will show during your placements and later while working for top corporate firms.

Internship Programs

To get placed in top IT companies, A2N Academy provides the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into action through internship programs. It will help you work better before stepping into the corporate world.

Course Completion Certificate and Recommendation letter

This web designing course completion certificate and recommendation letter are for students who will complete the projects and assignments. The certification holds great importance as your job placements do not depend solely on your degree.

Placement Guidance

Companies recruit students not only based on degree but knowledge and experience on the completed training. A2N Academy provides career counseling and assists you on placements to increase the chances of getting placed at leading IT companies.

It is time to settle for a better career and future. Do not miss the chance to get placed at companies of your choice with the guidance of A2N Academy. Visit our website for more details and enroll now!

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