What should a front-end developer know in 2021 to get Job?

Web Design | Business, Design, Technology | May 19,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

Front-end development has revolutionized tremendously from it was a few years ago. Previously it was sufficient for front developers to know HTML and CSS, however, web designers are facing rapid and constant change in the change in technology, tools, frameworks, libraries and have to keep themselves updated by investing in personal learning and development.

The technical skills front end developers should know for getting a job in 2021 are as follows:

  • HTML and CSS-
  • Hypertext markup language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) are the fundamental building blocks of web design coding. You will end with a screen with unformatted plain text with no images. To kickstart your career as a front-end developer, you have to excel in HTML and CSS coding. This can easily be done in a matter of few weeks. As a front-end developer, these are vital skills to easily get a job.

    The best part is with the sole knowledge of HTML and CSS you can conveniently build basic websites.

  • Javascript-
  • With the assistance of Javascript, you can add diverse functionalities to your website. Javascript aids to create and control things online games, interactive films, maps, etc. Javascript is used to make a user-friendly interface for the website. It is super interesting and valuable to learn javascript, which is gradually becoming a popular programming language across the globe. Javascript is mostly used by front-end developers for client-side development. It helps to reduce load time on the server which makes the website faster on the client’s browser. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the core building blocks of a website.

  • jQuery-
  • It is a Javascript library that consists of a collection of extensions and plugins which make developing a website with javascript easier and faster. A front-end developer can use jQuery to add ready-made elements to their client’s projects instead of coding everything from scratch. It is used for developing user interface elements and front-end modules. jQuery helps a front-end developer to save time by compressing the common tasks into a format that can be executed in a single line. Front-end developers can include interesting features such as resizing grid layouts, count-down timers, search form autocomplete timers, etc. Learn to make interactive and faster websites by jQuery plugins to be an efficient front-end developer.

  • Bootstrap-
  • Bootstrap is a convenient and useful option for front-end developers to make their websites mobile-friendly and responsive. Bootstrap is a collection of prewritten codes that acts as a development framework for front-end developers through which they can make a responsive website by saving their time to write error-free new code from scratch. It a set of prewritten codes that is of tremendous help for freshers who are still learning to code. It comes with its predefined grid systems, which front-end developers can easily with content.

    The soft skills front end developers should know for getting a job in 2021 are as follows:

  • Communication skills-
  • A front-end developer should be able to communicate easily and effectively with managers and stakeholders to understand and discuss their requirements. It is as vital as technical skills as a little miscommunication can throw a wrench in your project and cost you time and money.

  • Adaptability-
  • The technologies are constantly evolving and improving, an efficient front-end developer should always be ready to learn and adapt to new technologies to constantly improve and update their knowledge and project quality.

  • Attention to details-
  • Being a frontend developer and creating what the user experiences, one should focus on minute details along with the big picture. Front-end developers should be evaluating and understanding how to make the best of little things being implemented in the website.

  • Creative streak-
  • A front-end developer should know what looks attractive and what looks out of place in the website which they are developing. They should keep in mind the clients’ requirements and create a perfect blend of technical and creative flair for the website.

  • Patience-
  • There will be times where multiple challenges pop up in the process of developing a website, a front-end developer should be able to work through it, no matter how frustrating it gets. Patience is the best weapon for front-end developers against frustration, which will help to develop the perfect website as per your requirement.

  • Team player-
  • Front-end developers should be able to work across departments and with a team to execute their job smoothly. Front-end developers will have a hard time accomplishing their responsibilities if they can’t play with the team.

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