Course Duration

3 months

Course fee

$500 / ₹30,000


100% placement support


3 Months IT Internship

Details of Digital Marketing Course

Our Online Digital Marketing training is crafted according to the trending industry norms to aid the students to analyze and develop the skills and work processes required to be a professional Digital Marketing expert. We coach our students by learning by doing approach and assist them to build campaigns, track emerging trends to diversify the business growth with data analytics, online marketing tools, digital branding, reputation management, and more to build your career in digital marketing thorough this best digital marketing training.

Course Curriculum

Our live online digital marketing course online is an intricately designed program, taught by industry experts with enriched industry knowledge through a learning by doing approach. The students are trained with a practical approach to implement the theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience. We train our students with real-time projects and engage in problem-solving and analytical thinking to enhance their skills. During the digital marketing training online we provide our students with a detailed understanding of the market, help them gain corporate exposure, and widen their professional network. We teach you the key concepts and practical skills right from scratch to build a career in marketing in the digital age. This ensures that our students get placed in reputed companies with optimum pay.

Prerequisites you need for a Digital Marketing course:

There is no specific qualification required for enrolling in the online digital marketing training. This well-rounded course will help you deepen your knowledge of digital marketing and mold you to secure a job in a reputable firm and exponentially enhance your chances to be a professional digital marketer.

Additional benefits from Digital Marketing course online:

Our Digital Marketing training online will help you build your knowledge on search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click, content marketing, conversion optimization, affiliate marketing, data analytics, and email marketing. Become industry-ready with our intricately designed curriculum, real-world projects, and various vital tools. This digital marketing online course will exponentially develop your digital marketing skills and secure a job with decent pay.

  • We train you on concepts of Search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, AdWords, data analytics, email marketing, and content marketing.
  • For optimum pay, students can work as Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing Freelancer, Affiliate marketing Manager, Campaign Specialist, Web Analyst, SEO Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Google Ads Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Online Reputation Specialist, Content Marketing Executive and more with this course.
  • Enrich your understanding of industry working with our specially designed digital marketing course online.
  • We offer corporate-level exposure and job-oriented training which is significantly useful for your career in the IT industry.
  • We also assist you to enhance your interpersonal skills which will help you to interact with clients to discuss and understand their digital marketing requirements.
  • The real-world projects and internship opportunities by implementing best industry practices.
  • Our digital marketing course will provide you a richer understanding of the digital marketing landscape and digitally diversify the growth of the business.

Take your career growth to a whole new level with our Live Digital Marketing Course Online

  • The jobs associated with digital marketing are highly diversified, we will assist you in analyzing the best fit profile for you and secure a job.
  • There is an upsurge in the market currently for digital marketing experts, this digital marketing course will help you gain the required practical knowledge to secure a job.
  • We help our students to develop and amplify their professional networks during the online digital marketing course.
  • Our rigorous training through Mock interviews assesses and inculcates confidence in our students.
  • Post course completion, the academy guides you to secure internships to enrich your industry experience.

Enroll in the course today and boost your skills in digital marketing through expert professionals.

Opportunities after the course with salary range and job roles:

Our Digital marketing training online is developed to provide you rich knowledge in each domain of digital marketing. Learn to build online campaigns and become a digital brand manager by choosing the correct digital platform and amplify business growth. This digital marketing course will navigate you in the right direction and help you secure your job as a digital marketer.

Some common job roles for digital marketers are:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Freelancer
  • Affiliate marketing Manager
  • Campaign Specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Online Reputation Specialist
  • Content Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing is one of the upsurging fields in today’s industry and is implemented across industries and sectors globally. Companies all over the world are looking for digital brand managers to build the virtual presence of their business.

The average salary for digital marketing professionals initiating their career is 1.5lacs-4lacs per annum and experienced professionals’ salary ranges above 15lacs per annum. This may vary across industries depending on the job role, skill, nature of work, city, etc.

Stating a Disclaimer,

As the pandemic is on a roll, we encourage our students and trainers to take online classes.


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Different online marketing channels
  • Understand the journey of online customer
  • Key Terminologies in online Marketing
  • Overview to Content Management System
  • Overview of case study and business model


  • Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
  • How Did Search Engine work?
  • SEO Fundamentals & Concepts
  • Understanding the SERP
  • Google Processing
  • Indexing
  • Crawling
  • Areas of off-page SEO that help in establishing the brand name
    • TRUST
      • RankBrain
      • TrustRank
      • PageRank
    • Domain and Page Authority
    • Bounce rate
    • Domain age
  • Ways to improve the domain and page authority
  • Introduction to backlinks and how it helps the website to rank in first page?
  • Factors to consider while getting the backlinks
  • Ways to find and identify the relevant platforms, and blog posts for backlinks
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Usage of Social Media platforms in creating backlinks
  • Elements to conduct a comprehensive site audit
  • Real-time analytics and mouse tracking using heatmap
  • Tools and techniques to improve site performance, user experience and SERP ranking


  • URL renaming/re-writing
  • Url Canonicalization (301 redirects using .ht access code)
  • Optimizing websites by Analysing Clients Individual Web Pages using Dupli-checker, Copy scape for Refreshing Content
  • Text to Html Ratio, Website Loading Speed, Site Navigation Structure
  • Importance of Bread Crumb Structure
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research (Google Keyword tool)
  • Title & Meta Tags development
  • Importance of H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • XML sitemap Creation, Html sitemap
  • Robots Text Creation
  • Keyword density, Anchor Text in web content
  • Existing Web Content Optimization? Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Schema (Rich Snippets)


  • Adding a Site and Verification Process
  • Configuration Settings
  • URL Parameters
  • Search Analytics Reports
  • Crawl Errors / Stats
  • Google Fetch
  • Blocking the Crawler and blocking pages
  • Traffic
  • Search Queries
  • Links to Site / Internal Links
  • Resubmitting Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt tester
  • Remove/ Temporarily hide urls from search results
  • Remove URLS from index
  • HTML Suggestions
  • Rich Snippets
  • Data Highlighter


  • Importance of keywords in seo
  • What are keywords?
  • Types of Keywords (Broad match, Exact match, Phrase Match , Broad matchModifier)
  • Analysis of keywords for any website
  • Research on keywords
  • Competitor keyword analysis and tools used
  • Analysis of keywords using Google Ad Words keyword tool
  • Competitor Analysis Fitting right keywords to the project
  • Discussion on Google Latest Algorithms
  • Competitor Keyword Research Tools : Keyword Spy, SPyfu, SEM Rush


  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking in high PR sites
  • Participation in Forums and Effective interaction to get Permanent Back links
  • Blog Commenting
  • Classified Submissions
  • Guest Blogging
  • Article Submission
  • PDF sharing
  • Deep Linking
  • Search Engine Submission
  • High PR Web 2.0 sites
  • Creating Attractive Info graphics and Sharing in Social Networks for User Engagement
  • Image Sharing Submission
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Mapping
  • Yahoo answers, Quora answers


  • Panda Algorithm
  • Penguin Algorithm
  • Hummingbird Algorithm
  • Pigeon Algorithm✓ Mobile Algorithm
  • RankBrain Algorithm
  • Possum Algorithm
  • Fred Algorithm


  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider (for larger websites)
  • IWebchk
  • Seoptimer
  • Woorank
  • SEOsitechekup


  • Understanding Social media Landscape
  • Benefits of Social media marketing


  • How to increase Facebook likes, shares, Reach for posts
  • How to find targeted audience on facebook?
  • How to create Facebook page?
  • How to create Facebook groups and participate in a right way?
  • Creating Events, Customizing tabs in Facebook page
  • Facebook ads
    • Understanding Campaign, Adgroup, Ads Structure
    • Brand awareness Campaign
    • Reach Campaign
    • Likes Campaign
    • Event Response Campaign
    • Boost Post Campaign
    • Lead Generation Campaign
    • App install Campaign
    • Video Campaign
    • Conversion campaign
    • Difference between Custom Audience and look a like Audience and how to use it
    • Upload custom audience and run ads for different campaigns
    • Retargeting on Custom Audience
    • Detailed Explanation on Reach, Impressions , Clicks , Click through rate, conversion,conversion rate , link clicks, link click through rate
    • How to generate the reports after running live campaigns ?
    • Analysing the reports and calculating ROI
    • Applying filters, Rules, break down and generating reports


  • How to find targeted audience on Twitter
  • Creating twitter profile
  • Increasing followers on twitter
  • Using hash tags
  • Embedding the tweets
  • Likes ,retweets, lists , Moments
  • Integrate twitter with facebook and other tools
  • Customizing twitter profile
  • Twitter analytics, Analysis
  • 3rd party tools to find targeted audience in twitter
  • Competitor analysis
  • Follows ,unfollows , Net followers
  • Location wise followers
  • Twitter ads


  • Creating Pinterest profile
  • Creation of Boards and Pins
  • Adding pins in relevant boards
  • Increasing followers
  • Finding right pins using hashtags
  • Increasing network in pinterest
  • Importance of image sharing and role of pinterest
  • Indexing pinterest images
  • Repins and boards concept
  • Sharing pins
  • Pinning other pins in our boards
  • Pinterest analytics
  • Website analytics in Pinterest


  • Creating LinkedIn profile
  • Creating LinkedIn page
  • Increasing connections by using various techniques
  • Discussion on 1st connection, 2nd connection, 3rd connection
  • Finding company pages and following them
  • Sending personal invitation
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • Notifications, Messages
  • Lead generation using LinkedIn
  • Using Advanced filters to find targeted professionals on LinkedIn
  • Alumni to connect with previous employers or educational groups
  • Creating groups and participating in LinkedIn
  • Group access levels
  • Page access in LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn pulse and content marketing strategies
  • Linkedin Ads
    • Display ADS
    • Inmail ADS
    • CPC ADS
    • Sponsored ads
    • Lead Generation ADS


  • Understanding purpose of Campaign
  • Different types of Campaigns
  • Importance of Each Campaign
  • Social Network
    • Creating Search Network Campaign
    • Account Limits in Adwords
    • Location and Language Settings
    • Networks and Devices
    • Bidding and Budget
    • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
    • Ad delivery: Ad rotation
    • Purpose of Ad Groups
    • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)
    • Adwords Keyword Tool
    • Text Ad Format
    • Quality Score and Its Importance
    • AD Rank
    • Understanding the Ad Group and Keywords Dash Board
    • Search Terms
    • Segments , Filters, Reports
    • Alerts Setting
    • Access levels (Standard , Read only, Email, Admin)
    • AdWords Interface Tour
    • AdWords Dash Board
    • Billing in AdWords
    • Device Bidding (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)
    • Negative keywords identification
    • Tools and techniques to find negative keywords
    • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Cost, AVG CPC ,MAX CPC
    • Ad Extensions
    • Site links Extensions
    • Call Extensions
    • Call out Extensions
    • Message Extensions
    • Structured Snippet Extensions
    • Price Extensions
    • Location Extensions✓ App Extensions
  • Display Network Targeting
    • Setting a Display Network Campaign
    • Concept of VCPM and Branding
    • Automatic Placements
    • Manual Placements
    • CPC Bidding and VCPM Bidding
    • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
    • Topic Targeting
    • Keyword targeting
    • Placement targeting
    • Purpose of Conversions
    • Creating Conversion Tracking Code
    • Tracking the Conversions
    • Purpose of Conversions
    • Clicks, Impressions, Viewable impressions, CTR, Cost,Conversion rate , Cost/conversion, Allconversions, View through conversions,
    • Remarketing List creation and ads
    • Creating Gmail ads
    • Uploading customer email ids , selecting targeted customer lists,creating different formatsof Gmail ads
    • Impressions, Clicks, Gmail forwards, saves , CTR, Cost, AVG CPC
  • Video Network
    • Creating Video Campaign
    • In stream ads
    • Bumper ads
    • Video Discovery ads
    • Views, CPV, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg CPC , Cost, Interaction rate
    • Keyword Targeting
    • Topic Targeting
    • Placements Targeting
    • Remarketing in youtube ads
  • Universal app campaigns
    • Creating App campaign
    • Importance of Mobile app installs
    • Different ad formats like Text , image , Video ads in app install campaigns
    • Tracking Report


  • Setting up account in Google my business
  • Entering business details and adding tags
  • Verification code process
  • Access levels
  • Adding posts
  • Photos
  • Interface tour
  • Access levels and location extensions concept in adwords
  • Adding multiple locations and getting verified for each listing.


  • Introduction to Google analytics
  • How Google analytics works
  • Understanding Google analytics account structure
  • Cookies importance in Google analytics
  • Setting up an account in Google analytics
  • Adding analytics code in website
  • Understanding different types of traffic
  • Downloading different traffic reports
  • Creating Key performance indicators using primary and secondary dimension
  • Understanding Bounce rate and how to reduce it
  • Setting up goals and tracking conversions
  • Different types of Goal conversion paths
  • Importance of funnels in goal conversions
  • Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics and Google Merchant center
  • Tracking AdWords Campaign reports in Analytics
  • Filtering the traffic and creating different types of Pictorial charts to analyze reports visually.
  • Importance of UTM Tagging (Automatic and manual)
  • Enabling Automatic UTM tagging gclid in Google AdWords
  • Event Tracking in Google analytics
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Checking Real Time Traffic
  • Creating Advance Segmentation Reports with multiple Dimensions
  • Attribution Modelling (Single Multichannel)
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Remarketing using Google Analytics
  • Tracking Ecommerce Reports
  • Google Analytics Solution Gallery


  • What is conversion rate and conversion rate optimization
  • How to generate leads for B2B using LinkedIn
  • Generating leads through Facebook
  • Advantages of premium membership in LinkedIn
  • Importance of A/B Testing and tools used
  • Landing page Design importance in getting leads
  • Importance of content marketing
    • Top of the Funnel Content – Goals and Metrics
    • Middle of the Funnel Content – Goals and Metrics
    • Bottom of the Funnel Content – Goals and Metrics
    • Editorial Calendar
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Ways to develop powerful and engaging content to drive business growth
    • Blog marketing
    • Writing powerful headlines – rules, ideas, and templates
    • Blog post types
    • Call to Actions
    • Lead Magnets
  • Using other forms of content to boost traffic, exposure, and engagement
    • Emails and newsletters
    • Using the power of a story to influence and connect with customers
    • Crafting a content marketing strategy
  • Content Distribution
    • Content distribution basics
    • Social sharing
    • Organic and Paid content distribution
  • Overview of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • Design and UX
    • Psychology of Persuasion
    • Best practices for conversion
    • Principles of persuasive design
    • Data driven attribution
  • Research techniques for CRO
    • Google analytics audits
    • User testing
    • Heuristic analysis
    • Qualitative research
    • Heat maps and mouse tracking
    • Using analytics to discover hidden conversion opportunities
  • Testing
    • Testing strategies
    • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
    • Running tests: from hypothesis to stopping rules
    • Test Priority
    • Threat validation
    • Testing and QA
  • Optimization Strategies


  • How to maintain positive brand for any company?
  • How to remove negativity for any company website?
  • How to remove the negative links in top positions in Google
  • ORM Tools
  • How to find who mentions about our company in online
  • Discussion on paid content curation tools


  • Difference between adwords express and Google adwords
  • Setting up the account
  • Creating ads
  • Tracking the report
  • Billing
  • Budget process
  • Location targeting
  • Estimated reach
  • Keyword targeting


  • What is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it?
  • Discussion on the worlds popular affiliate network sites
  • Creating banners and using them on blogs
  • Identifying the money making, highly targeted and less competitive keywords
  • How SEO helps in Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense
  • Registering in Affiliate network sites
  • Promoting various sites
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • Why Google AdSense is the highest money making method in the world(Monthly income more than 10Lakhs)
  • How to get approval from Google to display ads in your sites and earn money


  • Importance of SMS marketing
  • Challenges faced in bulk sms marketing
  • DND and Non DND
  • Promotional and transactional SMS
  • How to choose best SMS tool provider in the market
  • Sender Id creation
  • Creating templates
  • Sending Templates
  • Uploading mobile nos
  • Understanding the list , groups , paste list options
  • Tracking reports
  • Retargeting the people who engaged with SMS
  • Flash SMS
  • What is email marketing
  • Importance of email marketing in generating leads
  • Email list Validation tools
  • How to write effective subject lines
  • How email Marketing works
  • Challenges faced in sending bulk emails
  • Setting up campaigns and lists
  • Creating email marketing template and sending bulk mails
  • Uploading mail IDs to the tool
  • Creating subscriber lists
  • Checking open rates , clicks , click through rate
  • Checking traffic from various locations
  • Creating Popups, Landing pages , Embedded Forms
  • Automated Workflows
  • Growing subscribers list

Batch Timings

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Course Benefits

The Digital Marketing training provided by our academy meets the trending industrial standards. We holistically develop the technical skills of the students with Real-Time projects and live classes. The benefits of our Digital Marketing Course includes:

Real-Time Projects

Real-Time Projects

It helps you improve and enhance your knowledge of Digital Marketing by working on live projects.

Live Instructor-led training

Live Instructor-led training

Our Google Certified Industrial Experts provide interactive, immersive, and informative learning.

Free internship opportunities

Free internship opportunities

The internship programs shall help you experience and adapt to the working of the IT Industry.

Placement Guidance

Placement Guidance

We guide you by conducting Mock tests and interviews. We also help you build your profile and counsel you to get placed in renowned IT companies.

Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

We can schedule the digital marketing training at your convenience and provide you a professional development experience

Build your professional network

Build your professional network

Our online digital marketing course will help you connect with various industry professionals resulting in a widened outreach

Certification and Recommendation letter

Certification and Recommendation letter

Once you complete the digital marketing course, we hand over an authorized course completion certificate and a recommendation letter.

Mock interview and Resume building

Mock interview and Resume building

With a motive to crack any difficult interview, we conduct mock interviews and help you prepare a worthy resume.

Student Reviews

We are extremely proud of our students who are placed in reputed firms across the globe after completing their online digital marketing training. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

A2N Academy provides you the opportunity to engage in practice-based learning and prepare you through varied internship opportunities in online digital marketing course  before you step into the corporate world.

  • Get two months of an internship program
  • Test and improve your capabilities
  • Experience practical learning with IT specialists

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Digital Marketing


It takes a minimum of 3 months to complete the Digital Marketing training online.

The average annual salary for digital marketers is Rs. 1.5lacs-4lacs. Digital Marketing specialists and managers earn an average payroll of 15lacs and more. The pay depends on factors like the industry, city, experience, role, etc.

After completion of the Digital Marketing Course online, the companies offer roles of:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Freelancer
  • Affiliate marketing Manager
  • Campaign Specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Online Reputation Specialist
  • Content Marketing Executive

Students with an undergraduate degree in BBA, Bcom, marketing, and diploma students having basic computer knowledge are eligible to study this course.Individuals willing to learn and upskill their job profile as digital marketers also can take up this course.

Yes, we provide a free demo class from our professional trainers. Once convinced with the demo class, you can proceed with the enrollment process for the course.

No, there are no such prerequisites for this online course.

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate after your successful completion of the Digital Marketing Online Course with us.

Yes, we provide course material to each enrolled student.

Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance after the completion of the Digital Marketing online training.

Of course, you can join this course as we train our students right from scratch. There are no pre-required IT skills for this digital marketing online course.

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Course Certification

A2N Academy helps you work on Real-Time projects and assignments that are highly significant in the corporate world. We provide enriched and diverse learning to improve your knowledge of various concepts.

Our professional trainers will provide theoretical and practical Course. With the completion of the digital marketing training, we award our students with a course completion certificate.

It enriches the value of your resume and helps you obtain jobs in reputed firms for decent pay. The student will receive the course completion certificate only after completing the assignments and the Real-Time projects approved by Industrial Experts.

Our E-certificate provides a unique ID that allows you to share this certificate across various professional websites to promote your technical skills.

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Get an opportunity to enhance your practical knowledge and obtain standard corporate exposure by interning in reputed IT firms for approximately two months after digital marketing training

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After the digital marketing course completion, utilize free assistance and support from our dedicated placement officers to secure a job with optimum pay in renowned firms.

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