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1 month

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$260 / ₹12,000


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2 Months IT Internship

Details of Javascript course

The JavaScript course at A2N Academy is crafted by industry experts to match today's IT needs and expectations. This JavaScript online course will cover variables, functions, data types, control flow, dates, Arrays, Loops, Objects, Operators, Scope, and more. As a consequence, you'll be able to effortlessly progress your profession and take it to the next level in this continuously changing sector. However, it is recommended to have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS before starting this course. At the end of this course, you will :

  • From the ground up, learn how to become an accomplished, confident, and contemporary JavaScript developer.
  • Understanding how JavaScript works behind the scenes will help you get a job.
  • Problem-solving, research, and processes are all examples of how to think and operate like a developer.
  • Variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, and other JavaScript essentials will be covered.
  • Modern OOP: Classes, constructors, prototypal inheritance, encapsulation, etc.

Course Curriculum

A2N Academy offers online JavaScript certification course and competitive compensation for entry-level Front-End Web Developers, Full-Stack Web Developers, Web Designer, UI/UX Designer, Web Application Developer, Back-end developers, and Javascript Developer employment with the goal of making a difference in people's lives. With every piece of advice we provide candidates, our objective has always been to help them improve their JavaScript skills, and our Real-World Projects will help you learn more about JavaScript and the internet industry while also enhancing your CV and gaining corporate exposure. The academy will aid you in getting a well-paying job once you have completed your certification. Throughout this online Instructor-led JavaScript Training, you will be working on real-life industrial use cases while also assisting in the recruitment of high-paying employment with reputable businesses.

  • Our JavaScript course will teach you the technical and professional skills that are highly valued by hiring managers.
  • You'll study the basics as well as more advanced concepts like the 'this' keyword, higher-order functions, closures, and so on. Online courses taught by industry experts on asynchronous JavaScript: event loops, promises, async/await, AJAX requests, and APIs.
  • You'll also learn about modern tool best practices for 2021 and beyond, including NPM, Parcel, Babel, and ES6 modules.
  • You'll also get the opportunity to work on real-world challenges with a group of other applicants, which you may put in your portfolio.
  • This online course covers everything from setting up code editors, manuals, and the developer console to JS basics, debugging transpilers, and object-oriented notions like 'this,' references, the 'new' operator, and more.

Prerequisites for a JavaScript course are as follows:

This Javascript course does not require any prior coding knowledge. We'll take you from novice to expert in no time! Any computer and operating system will operate, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. For the course, we'll set up your text editor. Working knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must! However, in order to grasp the ideas and finish the activities, students need to have the following prerequisites:

  • Basic programming knowledge.
  • Knowledge of core Java (Beginner level).
  • You should have knowledge of HTML and CSS

The following are some of the additional benefits of taking an online JavaScript course:

Our advanced online JavaScript Course will assist both job seekers and current employees, allowing you to find work with well-known IT companies all around the world.

All of your JavaScript questions will be answered in our online course.

  • We make sure you understand everything from setting up code editors, documentation, and the developer console to JS fundamentals, debugging, transpilers, and object-oriented concepts like 'this,' references, the 'new' operator, and more.
  • We understand how the IT company functions as a result of our experience, and we can help you develop your career with our online JavaScript course.
  • We can assist you in gaining the necessary business experience for a career in information technology.
  • The JavaScript course will assist you in organizing your research and teaching you how to effectively connect with clients.
  • We can help you with day-to-day tasks as well as teach you how to use cutting-edge industrial software.
  • Our academy will educate you on how to use technologies that will make it easier for you to write and manage code.

We guarantee that applicants are aware of the problems they will face in the IT industry by allowing specialists to teach and assist candidates at each stage of Real-Time projects. If you have persistence, grit, curiosity, and a brain that likes solving real-world issues, JavaScript programming could be the career for you.

If you take this JavaScript course, you'll be able to connect with a variety of job networks.

  • We also provide practice interviews and examinations to help candidates gain confidence.
  • Following your JavaScript degree, A2N Academy also offers you the option to work as an intern in an IT business to gain valuable industry experience.

Enroll now to learn how to become a proficient JavaScript Developer.

Job opportunities and salary range after completing Javascript course

In recent years, the number of apps and websites has exploded. There are over 400 billion active web pages on the internet today. The increased use of the internet by both mobile and desktop computers has led to much of this development. Frontend web technologies have advanced dramatically in terms of load time, functionality, and user interface. For a long time, Javascript has been a web developer's best friend, assisting him in adding functionality to his website. Companies are eager to add new features and updates to their current apps, as well as create new apps, resulting in the development of web applications, websites, and apps.

Even students from completely different disciplines of study can work as JavaScript Developers. Even if you've never written code before, your dedication to learning and hard work will help you become a JavaScript expert with A2N Academy's extensive JavaScript courses. The information is straightforward and provided by industry experts. Guidance counselors can also assist you in deciding what type of career to pursue.

The following roles are open to those who have completed online JavaScript MOOCs:

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Javascript Developer

JavaScript developers with less experience may expect to earn between INR 4 and INR 6 lakhs per year, while those with more experience can expect to earn more than INR 12 lakhs. Depending on the job function, expertise, kind of labor, city, and other variables, this may vary by industry. Visit the company's website for more information about salaries.

Batch Timings

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Course Benefits

The JavaScript course at the A2N Academy has been revised to align with industry standards, with the objective of strengthening candidates' technical abilities through live lectures and real-world projects and thereby preparing them for a career in the field.

Real time Projects

Real time Projects

Working on real-world projects as part of your JavaScript studies may allow you to develop and refresh your skills.

Improve your skills with live tutors

Improve your skills with live tutors

Learn from industry experts in a fun, engaging, and practical way.

Guaranteed internships

Guaranteed internships

Once you've completed your JavaScript classes, learn, apply, and surpass by putting your theoretical knowledge into reality in the corporate world.

Assistance with placement

Assistance with placement

You may obtain career advice and job placement aid for a variety of jobs if you have a JavaScript Certification.

CV building and mock interview

CV building and mock interview

Our experts can assist you in improving your profile and scheduling practice interviews.

Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

Begin studying JavaScript at your own speed with the assistance of a professional instructor.

External Exposure

External Exposure

Make industry connections to improve your chances of landing a JavaScript employment.

Certification and LOR

Certification and LOR

For your JavaScript course, you'll get a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation.

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

Through our JavaScript Course, we provide a range of internship opportunities, allowing you to gain practical experience while also preparing for the job.

  • Internships are offered for at least two months.
  • Apply everything you've learned and put your skills to the test.
  • If you want to work in the IT industry, you need to seek expert assistance.

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Javascript course


JavaScript is a text-based programming language that allows you to build interactive web pages on both the client and server sides. Whereas HTML and CSS provide structure and design to web pages, In this JavaScript course you will learn how to add interactive features that keep users engaged.

Enroll in A2N's JavaScript Training course, which includes instructor-led teaching, hands-on projects, and certification, if you want to learn JavaScript from the best.

The JavaScript Course at the A2N Academy is a hands-on training course for test professionals interested in learning how to utilize JavaScript.

The web's standard language is JavaScript. It is, after all, the de facto language. If you learn it by 2021, you'll be able to create not only modern web applications, but also apps for every device or platform. Furthermore, you've definitely seen how technology is evolving as a whole.

Our customer service representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throughout and after the JavaScript Certification course, the friendly crew will assist you with any questions you may have.

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that allows you to build interactive web pages on both the client and server sides. Whereas HTML and CSS provide structure and design to web pages, JavaScript adds interactive features that keep users engaged.

There is no need to be concerned. It's possible. In case of any such instances, we will reschedule the lessons at your convenience within the course term. You can also attend that subject if any further live batches are necessary.

As a result, JavaScript's popularity skyrocketed, thanks to Node. JS's “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm, which unifies all web application development around a single programming language rather than having separate languages for server-side and client-side scripts.

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Course Certification

You'll get a wide range of real-world project and activity experience with A2N, which will be beneficial in the job. Each applicant will be certified after finishing the JavaScript course, and we will give comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction. This boosts the value of your CV and makes it easier for you to land a high-paying IT job. In order to improve their level, candidates will only receive an A2N course completion certificate after completing projects and activities and having their evaluations validated by industry specialists who educated them. The e-certificate contains a unique identity that can be downloaded from the website and shared on professional websites to advertise your technical talents once the course is completed.

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After completing your online JavaScript course, you will have the chance to expand your practical knowledge and get real-world experience by interning for a minimum of two months with reputable IT businesses.

08 Get Job Opportunities

After completing the JavaScript course, get free help and support from our professional placement specialists to get a job in a reputable business anywhere in the world.

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