Course Duration

2 months

Course fee

$300 / ₹15,000


100% placement support


2 Months IT Internship

Details of Web design course in Hebbal, Bangalore

The academy transforms students' life and delivers the most excellent job opportunities for entry-level web designers through its online web designing training in Hebbal.

A2N Academy focuses on enhancing web designing abilities through our learning-by-doing web designing courses in Hebbal to mold students. In this web designing course, A2N Academy teaches students how to construct interactive websites for PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Course Curriculum

Every area of web designing that we teach the students will aid in their development. Real-World Projects can help you increase your practical understanding of web designing while also allowing you to learn about how internet businesses operate. A2N Academy's web designing training in Hebbal, Bangalore prepares students for a prosperous profession.

What will you learn?

  • Wireframe concept, HTML5, Bootstrap 4, Javascript, Website Hosting and Tools, UI Design, and CSS 3.0 are some of the technologies utilized in this Web Designing course Hebbal, Bangalore.
  • The academy will give you the necessary technical skills in web designing before you enter the IT business.
  • You'll learn how to connect with clients and keep track of your progress in the web designing course.
  • Assist you in contacting several different web designing job networks.
  • To assist you by increasing your confidence and providing opportunities to practice mock interviews and tests.
  • The academy will guide you through real-world projects and assignments that will teach you new web designing abilities.

We assure that students are aware of the barriers they face in the IT industry by enabling trainers to train in every phase of projects in real-time.

  • This web designing training allows you to connect to other job networks in the same profession.
  • We also provide Mock interviews and tests to build students' trust.
  • After the web design training in Hebbal, Bangalore, we give you an opportunity for a better industrial experience as an intern for IT companies.

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Web Designer Salary and Job Roles

After the web designing course completion in Hebbal, you can work as

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Front end Web Designer

Websites are the virtual faces of every business. Hence, companies hire website designers to create and manage their online brand identity across all of their sites. Web designers with minimal experience earn 2 and 3 lacs per year, while those with more experience earn 20 lacs per year. Your web designing abilities, job type, and location determine your payroll.


  • Introduction to HTML
  • How to Use Head & Body Section In HTML
  • HTML elements, page structure, Editors, Documents
  • How to use Headings & Paragraphs
  • HTML Linking and inserting images in HTML
  • Empty HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes, Text alignment & Formatting, Horizontal Rule & Line Breaks, 
  • HTML Quotations & Comments
  • HTML Colors & CSS
  • HTML Lists,  Forms, Tables, Frames.


  • Introduction to CSS?
  • Styling of HTML elements-text
  • Selectors and Attributes in CSS
  • Attribute Selectors
  • Mobiles, Tabs & Other Devices Writing Media Rules
  • CSS Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements


  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Grids
  • Flex Properties and Containers
  • Bootstrap Carousels, Tooltips, Modals


  • What is Js
  • Array Methods (e.g. map(), filter() etc.
  • Callback functions
  • Async Await
  • JSON and Objects
  • Ajax
  • Variables, Methods, and functions
  • Array
  • Events
  • Create Elements
  • Attributes
  • Set Timeout and interval
  • Browser Storages
  • Callbacks
  • Promises

Batch Timings

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Course Benefits

A2N Academy in Hebbal, Bangalore offers a Web Designing course to help you enhance knowledge and technical abilities.

Working on Real-Time Projects

Working on Real-Time Projects

The academy's web designing instructors offer easy, adaptable, and enjoyable education.

Live instructor-led training

Live instructor-led training

To help you obtain experience with web designing before going into the corporate world.

Free internship opportunities

Free internship opportunities

Internship programs will help you to experience how the IT industry runs once you complete the Web Designing course online.

Job Placements

Job Placements

The academy's experts will aid and guide you through the process of looking for a web designing job.

Mock Interviews and Resume building

Mock Interviews and Resume building

The academy provides mock interviews and resumes assistance in this web designing course in Hebbal to help you create a positive attitude and maintain fluent communication.

Flexible Class Schedule

Flexible Class Schedule

Your web designing course will be set at a time that is convenient for you.

Extending Your Job Network by Connecting with Professional Industrialists

Extending Your Job Network by Connecting with Professional Industrialists

The academy can help you network with professional industrialists and boost your web designing career opportunities.

Web Designing Course Completion Certificate and Letter of Recommendation

Web Designing Course Completion Certificate and Letter of Recommendation

When you finish the web designing course, the academy awards you a certificate.

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

The A2N Academy web designing course in Hebbal allows you to partake in method learning and prepares you for internship chances before entering the industry.

  • Take advantage of two-month web designing internships.
  • Bring your web designing skills to the table and put them to good use.
  • If you work in the IT industry, you will learn from IT specialists.

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Web design course in Hebbal, Bangalore


This web designing course online is for two months.

Entry-level Web Designers earn 3-4 lakhs yearly, and professional Web Designers receive more than Rs. 20 lakhs yearly. Salaries differ based on the business, city, level of experience, employment, and other factors. We support our students in applying for an interview and settle the best possible high-paying job.

The Jobs available after the Web Designing Course are

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Front end Web Designer
  • Front-end Developers
  • B.E, B.Tech Graduates or Undergraduates
  • Diploma students having minimal computer knowledge
  • 10+2 passed students
  • Individuals looking to change their current profile to a Front-end web Developer or Designer.
  • Who strives to be an entrepreneur in the Web Designing Industry.

Yes, our skilled trainers provide a free demo session. You can participate in this web designing course after you feel convinced by the demo session.

We issue a certificate after the completion of the Web Designing training. This degree will aid you in obtaining a well-paying job.

 Yes, we give web designing course material to our students.

Yes, we provide total placement assistance after the web designing course.

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Course Certification

Performing real-time projects and tasks at A2N will assist you in developing your web designing skills. During the web designing course in Hebbal, Bangalore, students must attend intensive academic and practical workshops. Following that, the school will provide a certificate for having completed the web designing course. It shows the relevance and appeal of your resume to potential employers. The A2N web designing Course Completion Certificate will be awarded only to students who have completed real-world projects and assignments and had their assessments approved by business specialists.

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01 Contact

For more information on the Web Designing course in Hebbal, contact the career advisors at A2N Academy. Learn about the scope, benefits, expert coaching, placement aid, and other elements of the online web designing course.

02 Demo Sessions

Contact one of our specialists to schedule a free course demo session before enrolling in our web designing course.

03 Batch Assignments

Our students at A2N have total control over their schedules. We schedule the timing as per your convenience.

04 Portal Access login

Using the received student site credentials, you may easily access all of the information regarding your web designing course and batch.

05 Test Series

A2N Academy offers a series of mock tests and practice interviews on web designing to help you improve your technical and communication skills.

06 Internship Programs

Following your web designing training in Hebbal,Bangalore the school will place you in a two-month internship with a reputable IT firm to help you develop technical skills and get practical experience.

07 Live Projects

You can obtain excellent experience working on real-world projects with the A2N Academy online web designing course in Hebbal, Bangalore.

08 Opportunities for Employment

After the Web Designing Course in Hebbal,Bangalore the academy offers free placement assistance through its placement professionals, who will assist you in finding a job with a good salary package.

09 Job Placements

A2N Academy supports students in acquiring competitive wage packages at respected organizations by providing the most comprehensive web designing employment prospects in the business area.