Course Duration

2 months

Course fee

$300 / ₹15,000


100% placement support


2 Months IT Internship

Details of Web Design Course in Hyderabad

Unlike most E-learning academic platforms that solely provide pre-recorded tutorial video content, A2N academy has the facility of live stream course videos where the student can interact with a mentor and instructor on the spot instead of being left with unresolved issues. We now offer a wide range of web designing courses in Hyderabad.

Course Curriculum

For those who are beginners in the field of web design or entry-level web designers, this is the best opportunity to start the learning process. The online web designing course in Hyderabad at A2N academy teaches the curriculum of web development from scratch covering every aspect of it as the courses get advanced. The first part of the syllabus is coding, consisting of a vast range of programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3.0, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. After this step, you move to web development courses. The final part of your course is the creative and artistic aspects used in the making of your website. These include software such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate. To complete your training in the web design course you will be introduced to the creative aspects as per the full package such as adobe photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. A2N Academy guarantees the following to its students with its web designing course curriculum in Hyderabad.

- A higher chance of getting employment in the professional world in a reputed IT firm or Multinational company looking for web designing experts.

- You gain skills much needed in the digital era with almost every business and organization having been extensively computerized in the last decade.

- With your newfound skills and experience, the value of your resume increases. Your professional reputation is significantly enhanced.

- You acquire teachable skills.

What do you require?

You don’t require a formal academic degree to apply for the web development course although basic skills in the two fields are a recommended prerequisite. Candidates having any kind of bachelor’s degree or diploma are accepted by the academy. However, a 10+2 pass is an absolutely essential qualification. Your academic accomplishments as well as the nature of your degree are vital to your chances of being accepted at any post in the I.T industry.

What will you learn?

  • Web design as well as web development skills.
  • Necessary skill sets and experience are required to make it big in the IT industry.
  • Coding skills alongside graphic design and visual presentation techniques in order to create the perfect website for yourself, whether for personal or professional reasons.
  • Practical work experience through real-time projects and assignments to gain corporate skills.
  • Mock interviews and exams as well as networking with people and organizations involved in web designing in order to benefit you in the professional world. You learn real-world skills and corporate etiquette as well.

Web Designing Salary and Job Roles

In today’s world, the digital era, a website is the identity of a company or business and its digital face in social networks and mass media. Good web design is directly proportional to the success levels, visibility, and operations of an organization. Depending on experience levels while joining an office, a web designer can make between 2-3 lakhs to 20 lakhs a year. This can vary from types of employment to levels of expertise. These are the roles that a person can get after learning web design.

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Front end Web Designer
  • HTML developer
  • Software developer

Batch Timings

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Duration Timing
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Course Benefits

The courses of A2N academy in terms of Web Designing Course in Hyderabad come with a whole plethora of unique features to meet your every need.

Live Classes

Live Classes

Rather than pre-recorded videos, this feature allows you to interact with an instructor over live online classes with experts who have experience in web design and development.

Free internship opportunities

Free internship opportunities

To help you gain work experience in Web designing before you step into the corporate world to look for employment, A2N academy offers qualified candidates free internships.

Placement Guidance

Placement Guidance

To increase web designing career opportunities for all students, experts in A2N Academy will give you professional guidance and mentoring to direct you to your desired placement relevant to your career goals.

Build your Professional Network

Build your Professional Network

A2N Academy helps you build your connections in the industry by introducing you to the right people to create your network in the professional world. Career building starts from the right contacts.

Mock Interview and Resume Building

Mock Interview and Resume Building

In order to make sure that your communication skills are on point, A2N conducts mock interviews for its students to train them for important life skills. This helps you build professional language and etiquette skills that apply to the corporate world. This is part and parcel of the web designing course.

Flexible Class Schedule

Flexible Class Schedule

As per the user’s convenience and needs we schedule your web designing course batch timing for all time zones and your routine needs. All preferences are taken into consideration.

Certification and Recommendation Letter

Certification and Recommendation Letter

Once you complete the web designing course according to the mentioned requirements and performance levels the academy awards you with a web designing course completion certificate that you can add to your resume while looking for jobs.

Practical experience

Practical experience

The Web Designing course in Hyderabad comes with real time projects and assignments that help you gain practical experience from fieldwork to compensate for the limitations of purely academic learning.

Student Reviews

Here are some of our students' thoughts on the Web design course in Hyderabad.

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Industrial Internship &

Career Opportunity

A2N Academy's web designing course in Hyderabad allows you to participate in practice-based learning and makes you gain professional skills that prepare you thoroughly with internship opportunities before you decide to step into the corporate world.

● Valuable experience from the service of web designing Internships that are at least two months long but can be done at your own pace according to your scheduling needs.

● Ensuring that your newfound knowledge of web designing is put to good use and you can bring offers of your own to the table by having it as a skill

● The opportunity to become an efficient and creative member of the IT industry and learn from the experts in the field.

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Web Design Course in Hyderabad


The average time of completion for this web designing course online is 2 months. Though it varies from person to person and their scheduling conflicts


For freshers new to the corporate world consisting of Entry-level Web Designers they typically earn between 3-4 lakhs per year, with professional Web Designers receiving more than Rs. 20 lakhs per year. Salary Packages differ depending on the market, city, level of experience, job, and other factors. We help our students easily apply for an interview and land the best possible high-paying job.

The wide range of Jobs available after the Web Designing Course completion is - 

  •                 Web Designer
  •                 UI Designer
  •                 UX Designer
  •                 Front end Web Designer
  •                 Front-end Developers
  •                 HTML developer
  •                 Software developer
  •   B.E, B. Tech Graduates or Undergraduates
  • Diploma students having minimal computer knowledge
  • 10+2 passed students
  • Individuals looking to change their current profile to a Front-end web Developer or Designer.
  • Individuals who have aims to be entrepreneurs, businessmen or otherwise large-scale investors in the Web Designing Industry

Yes, the professional trainers assigned by us will provide a free demo session. You can participate in this web designing course after you feel assured by the demo session and confident enough to attempt the real thing.


There are no prerequisites as such but basic knowledge of computers, software, and programming concepts are recommended.


Certain requirements have to be made in terms of grades, performance, and project completions to qualify for the certification. After satisfactory completion of the Web Designing and Development training with us, we issue a certificate. This degree will assist you in obtaining a well-paying career.


Yes, we do provide web designing course material to each of our students in order to help them practice so that they may hone their skills.

Yes, we provide complete placement assistance after winding up the web designing course guiding candidates to many of our contacts in the industry.


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Course Certification

In A2N courses your performance is calculated through both written assignments as well as real-time projects that provide the practical experience needed for the professional world. At the successful completion of its curriculum, the academy will offer the respective students a web designing course completion certificate. It adds value to your resume and greatly improves your chances of getting your sought-after job. The certificate will only be provided to those students who have completed both academic and project-based work requirements and have been assessed and approved by Industry experts.

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01 Contact

For further information about the Web Designing course in Hyderabad, contact The A2N Academy career counsellors on the form on our website’s contact page. Get the information you are looking for on the syllabus, membership benefits, professional guidance, placement support outreach, and many other aspects of the online web designing course in Hyderabad.

02 Demo sessions

To make sure you are adequately prepared to start our web designing course, make sure to contact experts and schedule a free demo session of the course so that you remove any doubts you may have had.

03 Assignment of Batches

A2N is flexible in terms of providing adjustable timings for our students so that no one has a conflict of schedule in terms of taking classes. You have many options to choose in schedule timings and the batch you enrol in according to your convenience.

04 Portal Access Login

All students have an account that can be accessed through the student portal whose credentials are given as soon as the account registration is completed., it is easy to gain access to all necessary and desired information related to your web designing course in Hyderabad and batch.

05 Test Series

A2N Academy assists its students by providing a series of carefully designed mock tests and mock interviews on web designing to improve your professional vocabulary and enhance your communication skills.

06 Live Projects

With projects that provide practical project-based coursework, you can level up your experience by working on real-time projects and assignments with the A2N Academy online web designing course in Hyderabad.

07 Internship programs

Once you complete the web designing training course in Hyderabad, the academy will help intensify your essential technical skills and get real corporate exposure via placement with a reputed IT company to an internship for a minimum of two months.

08 Get Job Opportunities

Once you complete the Web Design Course in Hyderabad, the academy offers you various kinds of free assistance with their placement officers to obtain a job with maximum pay in notable and reputed firms.

09 Job Placements

A2N Academy offers the best chance of employment in web designing in Hyderabad in the corporate world by ensuring top job placements and helping students get satisfying salary packages at top reputed companies and organisations.