10 Reasons to learn REACT JS

Software Development | Business, Design, Technology | Apr 14,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

If you are having second thoughts about learning React JS, then, my friend, you never knew React JS in the first place. This Javascript library is so modern that it is almost on the verge of ruling the client-end development. Okay, let me make it easier for you. I'm going to reason React in 10 ways and change your approach towards React JS.

  • ReactJS encloses Javascript: As you are aware, JavaScript is a programming language necessary in web development. And, as React JS itself is a Javascript library, it uses its potential without any risk. So, if you know the working of Javascript, then, React is meant for you.
  • React, an SEO-friendly Library: The need for Search Engine Optimization in any online business is so vital to attain success. So, React helps to reduce the page load time with its quick rendering compared to other frameworks. And, that benefits businesses to place as the first rank on Google Search Engine result page.
  • React JS is Component-based: It's a good thing that Facebook has heightened React with the feature of Component Reusability. React lets you create sturdy user interfaces as React JS is known for its ability to save one's wallet and time on development because of its reusable components.
  • React JS is always complete: It stimulates the creativity of long-lasting User Interface Components that keeps progressing over time. It also permits you to choose and adapt the use, and this is possible if you are well versed in Javascript.
  • React JS is a piece of cake: React is not as hard as other programming languages. You need to learn the basic working of React and can start building apps just like that!
  • Reputed Companies are in favor of React JS: Various companies like Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, and many other Fortune 500 companies chose React JS for their mobile apps and websites. They find it very convenient as React enables developers a web browser that is user-friendly, riveting, and provides standard interfaces.
  • Renders help to build booming User Interfaces: It is always the quality. If your application is of high-quality UI, then there is a high chance that users will like the app. Thus, it is advisable to develop the best User Interfaces for an application to survive long.
  • Vigorous community support: React has pretty vast community support, with an appreciated number of Individual React developers contributing towards turning React into the best frontal framework. The community has approximately 164,000 stars on GitHub and 33,000 network repositories. Free React tutorials on Youtube and React tutorial articles & blogs by React experts regularly upload on the Internet.
  • A solution to your budding career: Renowned companies like Twitter, Instagram, Walmart, Dropbox, and many more hire entry-level developers for a decent annual paycheck. React JS course teaches newbies right from the basics. It helps you build systematic React applications by mastering the concepts of Redux and React. It also assists you to attain corporate-level exposure. The course will boost your confidence by conducting essential Mock Interviews, online tests that will help your actual Interviews.
  • And, React JS helps you work as a:

    • React JS Developer
    • Javascript Developer
    • Full-stack Developer
    • UI Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Front End Developer

    Now you don't want to miss this opportunity, do you?

    There you go, ten reasons for you to begin your journey with React JS. Tell me you'll think about it. You can do this! Good luck.

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