Importance Of Typography In Web Design

Software Development | Business, Design, Technology | Apr 14,2021 | By Mathura

In the visual form of communication, typography plays a great role in catching a reader's eye. As web designing involves word placements, typography can communicate beyond words. Website typography builds brand professionality and identity. It influences user experience, user perception, readability, and even mood. To know more about the importance of typography in web design, continue reading.

  • Typography influences user experience: Yes! You read it right. Typography does influence experience. A clear headline, equally clear sub-headline with a readable font makes it easier for a user to grasp information on the website. Not all visitors spend time reading every line in detail but, the content should be readable at first glance ensuring it communicates the message effortlessly.
  • Typography sets the mood: When a text is in 'comic sans' or 'decorative' font, the message sets an informal tone while a 'Times Roman Numeral', 'Arial' or 'Candera' sets a formal tone to the text. It is the reason why most e-commerce websites use the later fonts as it is more professional.
  • Typeface needs to be unique: Typography in a website is not just about having fonts that look the prettiest. Its main purpose is to make a website more readable and attractive. Different industry websites will need a different typeface. A font used by a construction company may not be the same as the ones used in a wedding blog website. They will have to be unique and different.
  • Typography adds consistency: Too many fonts should be avoided: Website typography should indeed be attractive and catchy but too many typefaces and fonts give an unorganized appearance. Using too many fonts and colors will distract the reader from viewing important content. Having few fonts and maintaining the color code adds consistency to the website.
  • Improves website navigation: As mentioned earlier, typography influences user experience. Good typography will improve navigation to your site, making customers stay longer on your site. It will thereby increase conversions.
  • As a web designer, it is necessary to keep in mind the important concepts to maintain in web typography. If typography goes wrong, the design goes wrong. Depending on the industry and company purpose, a designer should make sure that typography does justice to the design.

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