A Data Science Beginners Guide

Information Security | Design, Digital, Technology | Oct 17,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

As the world moved into the era of big data, so did the demand for storage. Until 2010, it was the key challenge and source of concern for the enterprise industries. The main focus was on developing a framework and data storage solutions. Now that Hadoop and other frameworks have successfully handled the storage challenge, the focus has switched to data processing. The secret sauce here is data science. Data Science can make all of the ideas that you see in Hollywood sci-fi movies a reality. Artificial Intelligence's future is Data Science. As a result, it's critical to comprehend what Data Science is and how it might benefit your company.

What is Data Science, and how does it work?

Data Science is a collection of tools, algorithms, and machine learning techniques aimed at uncovering hidden patterns in large amounts of data. A Data Analyst usually explains what's going on by going over the data's processing history. A Data Scientist, on the other hand, not only performs exploratory research to uncover insights but also employs powerful machine learning algorithms to predict the occurrence of a specific event in the future. A Data Scientist will examine the data from a variety of perspectives, including some that were previously unknown. Predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive plus decision science), and machine learning are all utilized. Data Science to make decisions and predictions.

What is the purpose of data science?

Traditionally, the data we had was generally structured and small in quantity, and it could be evaluated with simple business intelligence tools. Unlike traditional systems, when data was primarily structured, today's data is mostly unstructured or semi-structured. Take a look at the data trends in the figure below, which reveals that more than 80% of data will be unstructured by 2020.

What exactly is a Data Scientist?

On Data Scientists, there are numerous definitions accessible. In simple terms, a Data Scientist is a person who specializes in data science. The phrase "Data Scientist" was coined after it was realized that a Data Scientist gathers a great deal of data from various scientific fields and applications, such as statistics and mathematics.

What is the role of a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are experts in specific scientific subjects who use their knowledge to solve difficult data challenges. They work with a variety of topics such as mathematics, statistics, and computer science (though they may not be an expert in all these fields). They make extensive use of cutting-edge technology in order to uncover answers and reach critical conclusions for an organization's growth and development. Data Scientists offer data in a far more usable format than the raw data they have access to in both structured and unstructured forms.

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