The Ten most reliable tools of Cybersecurity

Information Security | Technology | Apr 20,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

As we already know that the situation of being protected from illegal or prohibited use of electronic data or the steps taken to attain it is cybersecurity. And keeping in mind the safety of your company, cybersecurity has its tools. There are tons of cybersecurity tools. Let us glance at the top ten Open Source Software Cybersecurity Tools that will shield you from cybercrimes in the cyberworld.

Snort, an IDS/IPS tool with a twist:

Snort is an open-source network IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) performing more accurate observation and scanning network traffic than a typical firewall. IDS and IPS software evaluate the traffic and compare it to a database of past or documented attack profiles. IDS tools alert ITworkers about threats, but IPS systems go one step further and block spiteful traffic. Hence a robust security architecture must provide a combination of the two.

Securing the Perimeter with IPCop:

The borderline, where the network stops and internet security begins, is known as the Perimeter. Made up of one or more firewalls, Perimeter shields the network. IPCop is a Linux-based firewall distribution that can be configured and used to secure a network. It can operate on a single machine or backing the ISP's firewall. The DNS server, Proxy server, and DHCP server are some of IPCop's other features.

BackTrack: Your precise answer:

BackTrack, a renowned Linux-based security distribution, renders multiple security needs, consisting of over 300 OSS resources ordered into a variety.

Gnu PG: Safeguards your Personal Information:

The GNU Privacy Guard/GPG is a tool for encrypting files and emails. At the data level, a valid encryption measure would provide enormous security. It is a reliable open-source replacement for PGP or Pretty Good Privacy. It adheres to the OpenPGP protocol.

It is a command-line tool included with Linux distributions including, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS, and Fedora. So, throw your hat in the ring today and use this incredible tool to secure data by using GPG to generate public and private keys in the backup server and importing the port key to all data servers where the backup must be taken and encrypted.

Combating Web exposures with the Open Web Application Security Project:

Application protection is just as important as other levels of security because, as the web's presence and development grow, so do its vulnerabilities. The safety of your application is crucial. OWASP, an open-source web app security project, offers the best practices and code review measures. It also renders guides for developers, architects, and designers to use when creating safe applications.

OSSEC the Unifying Security Needs.

SIM and SEM solutions, and log monitoring, are provided by Open Source SECurity, an open-source tool. It is a free HIDS (Home Based Intrusion Detection System). OSSEC assists customers in adhering to industry requirements and integrating Security incidents and Security Event Management.

A Diverse Exposure Scanning with OpenVAS:

OpenVAS, a collection of resources and software, provides comprehensive vulnerability scanning and management. Vulnerability Management, a Nessus open-source version, includes Configuration and Patch Management and malware Software blocking and destructing antivirus tools.

OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management):

Open Source Security Information Management, a Security Information and Event Management solution, includes Snort, OpenVAS, Mrtg, NTOP, and Nmap, and other open-source applications. It is a low-cost way to keep track of the health and security of your network/hosts.

ClamAV: The Ultimate Antivirus Software:

Single machines, such as servers, PCs, and laptops, are protected at the host level. ClamAV is an excellent antivirus program for scanning data from various sources. It is an open-source antivirus program that detects malware software, viruses, and deadly Trojans that try to steal data.

Truecrypt: The best Alternative:

For disk-level encryption, there are numerous open-source tools available. Truecrypt is ideal for encryption at the disc level. This open-source security tool uses Truecrypt to encrypt hard drives on the fly. Truecrypt encrypts data automatically until it is saved on the disc and decrypts it entirely once loaded from the disc without the need for user interaction.

I guarantee you, with these Cybersecurity tools, your devices, regardless of their working, will stay secure until the end.

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