Frequently asked Full stack developer Interview Questions

Software Development | Design, Digital, Technology | Sep 30,2021 | By Nandini S

Interviewers often ask developers to list out the challenges that they faced during their careers. This article is designed to test the candidate’s ability to solve complex problems, analytical skills, and leadership qualities. Here are some of the most common questions asked in an interview for a developer.

1. What is CORS?

ANS: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, or CORS, is a method of accessing web resources from different domains. Web scripts can be more openly integrated with external content of the original domain thanks to CORS. As a result, web services are more easily integrated.

2. Define Multithreading?

ANS: Multi-threading is a technique for increasing CPU performance. In general, it refers to a program's ability to be managed by numerous users at the same time or to manage various requests by the same user. Multi-threading is achieved by running numerous processes at the same time, as long as the operating system allows it.

3. Explain Inversion of Control?

ANS: This question is frequently posed to assess a candidate's knowledge of design patterns. It's a broad phrase, but software developers use it to describe a structure that allows layers and components in a system to be decoupled.

4. What is Long Polling?

ANS: Long Polling is a web development strategy for getting data from the server to the client without having to push it. The client requests information from the server using the Long Polling pattern. Instead of providing an empty resource, if the server does not have any information about the client, it holds the request and waits for some information to become available.

5. Differentiate between GraphQL and REST?

ANS: This is a relatively complex question, but a skilled developer should have no trouble answering it. The fact that GraphQL does not deal with dedicated resources is a significant difference between it and REST. Everything in a graph is related and may be queried to meet app requirements.

6. Explain what is DevOps?

ANS: DevOps is a new phrase in the IT world that refers to a methodology that stresses collaboration and communication between software developers and other information technology (IT) workers. It focuses on delivering software products more quickly and lowering release failure rates.

7. What is Callback Heck?

ANS: As a return parameter, the asynchronous function expects callbacks. A callback hell condition occurs when numerous asynchronous functions are chained together.

8. What is Pair Programming?

ANS: Pair programming is a basic part of extreme programming that requires two developers to work on the same terminal at the same time. The "Driver" is the developer who is in charge of writing the code, while the "Navigator" is the developer who is in charge of reviewing the code.

9. Explain the purpose of clearing floats in CSS?

ANS: The clear CSS attribute determines whether a floating element can be placed next to it or must be moved down (cleared) below it. Clearing floats (also known as clear fixing) causes the contained element to expand in order to contain its children. As a result, succeeding items are forced to display underneath it.

10. What is the most loved language of a full stack developer and why?

ANS: Full-Stack Developers deal with a wide range of programming languages. An applicant should ideally be fluent in a few languages, especially ones with which he can design the front end and others with which he can manage the back end. A candidate should be able to show this effectively, remembering to include the most commonly used languages such as HTML, CSS, and Python.

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