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Software Development | Business, Design, Technology | May 30,2021 | By Karen Hezron

Trust me when I say the IT Industry is on a roll!

Quess Corp gathered data via their website indicates a rise in demand for IT expertise among captives of multinational firms as the global pandemic accelerated digital penetration, and the technology industry stands out among the crowd. From October 2020 to March 2021, the market for IT capabilities increased by 22.5%, with BFSI, Technology Services, and Consulting, Auto and Engineering, and Global Capability Centers leading the intake of human capital.

Software services such as Salesforce, SAP HANA, and ServiceNow have witnessed a rise in demand, says the current data. Currently, Full-Stack developers, React JS, Cloud Infra Technologies, Angular JS, and Android Developers are the top five digital skills.

According to Vijay Sivaram, CEO of Quess IT Staffing, these developments point to the captives' and large organizations' changing target areas as they develop and transform their technology capabilities. - He said, with organizations recruiting their employees on a skill-based strategy, the market for IT skill sets among captives in India has risen exponentially. Demand has increased significantly from quarter to quarter (Q3 to Q4), with IT Security up 166% q-o-q. Full Stack is up 110%, Android Developers are up 80%, Data Analytics is up 44.7 percent, and Angular JS is up 40%.

It's also no wonder that Bengaluru (41%) has the highest demand for IT skills among captives, followed by Hyderabad (14%), Mumbai (11%), and Pune (7%). (11 percent).

In this new age of work, firms constantly look for applicants with innovative, imaginative, and professional thoughts and skills.

Good communication, soft skills, knowledge in both front-end and back-end technology are necessary in the current IT world.

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