The Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Digital marketing | Business, Digital, Technology | Nov 29,2021 | By Shashvathi G

If you're curious about the extent of digital marketing in India, this blog could be an excellent place to start! You may learn about the industry's growth, future prospects, nature, career opportunities, and much more, as well as delve deeper into the spectrum of digital marketing in India. But, before we get into the necessity for and breadth of digital marketing in India, let's look at what digital marketing is and why organizations utilize it. The marketing activity of promoting goods/services using digital means is known as digital marketing. And nowadays, practically everyone has access to the internet. The number of individuals who have access to the internet has expanded tremendously as a result of cheap data and affordable cell phones. So, if organizations want to connect with their customers, they must connect the dots. On a worldwide scale, potential customers Engage them in conversation. Raising brand awareness Sell and advertise items and services at a low cost. Obtain a greater return on investment Businesses now use digital channels to engage with present and potential consumers, such as social media, search engines, email, and websites. Companies also jump on board with the latest digital marketing trends in order to keep up with industry standards.

Covid Updated on the Growth of Digital Marketing

In 2020 and 2021, the breadth of digital marketing has expanded dramatically. The quantity of individuals reached by marketing tactics is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of important indications of marketing success. The internet's adoption rate has surpassed all expectations. Looking at India, boasts the world's second-largest number of internet users. By 2023, there will be almost 666 million active internet users in India. As a result, a bigger percentage of individuals are moving online, and it makes perfect sense to begin promoting online. We witnessed a rise in data consumption as a result of so many people being online. In 2016, the typical user consumed 500MB to 1GB of monthly data, however in December 2020, the average user is expected to consume over 13.5GB of monthly 4G data. This figure climbed by 20% as more individuals began to subscribe to various platforms for video consumption as well as other Internet-dependent activities. Another notable effect of Covid-19 has been the phenomenal expansion of OTT platforms, which has led to one of India's fastest-growing marketplaces. Furthermore, the monthly search volume for 'digital marketing courses' was approximately 60,500 in May 2019, with a phenomenal growth rate of 49.5 percent, implying 90,500 searches in May 2020, precisely when the pandemic was at its peak. This demonstrates that consumers are becoming more aware of the relevance of digital marketing and are expressing an interest in learning more about it. According to Dentsu Aegis Network, India's overall advertising business was worth INR 68,475 crores in 2019 and is expected to reach INR 75,952 crores by the end of 2020. That's a staggering 10.9 percent increase. This further demonstrates that even throughout the epidemic, there was a surge in the amount of money spent on advertising, particularly through digital platforms. Companies are placing such a high value on digital marketing that some of the largest are reorganizing their marketing budgets to focus more on digital.

Future Potential of Digital Marketing

As previously said, the expansion of digital marketing has been phenomenal, and the data indicate that this trend will continue in the future. Simply put, digital marketing's future appears to be bright and safe. As additional changes arise, being creative, original, and up to date on the current trends is a fundamental element for every digital marketer. The exponential growth that we have seen on the Internet in recent years, particularly after covid, is here to stay. People are adjusting to the new normal and are becoming increasingly comfortable with conducting business online, whether it's shopping, ordering food or pharmaceuticals, or even conducting financial activities! As a result, digital marketing is critical in meeting these newly developed customer needs.

Digital Marketing Careers

Companies are looking for digital marketing specialists and experts as the popularity of digital marketing grows. The employment market will increasingly rely on digital and technological abilities, especially in light of the current coronavirus problem, as it will allow them to work remotely. As a result, businesses are searching for personnel who can manage digital marketing positions. As a result, it is strongly advised that you begin acquiring digital marketing skills and preparing for a job in the field. Another advantage of getting into this area is that if you're a good digital marketer, you'll be able to get high-paying employment at top organizations.

India's Digital Marketing Success

Consider how Starbucks employed social media marketing and other channels to reduce the economic impact of covid. Starbucks introduced drive-thrus and home delivery services in order to better engage with customers and stay engaged throughout the epidemic. They recently introduced their app, which allows for easy navigation and product availability. They also started a hashtag campaign called #ReconnectWithStarbucks on social media. They invited their followers to share their fondest Starbucks memories and how they were bonding with their loved ones. This was an excellent social media promotion since it not only brought back fond memories of Starbucks but also made individuals feel important and cherished. Starbucks was able to increase brand awareness, value, and loyalty in this way. Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India?' you might wonder. A career in digital marketing is absolutely an excellent decision now that we've witnessed the rise of digital marketing over the years and what the future holds, as well as the career scope in digital marketing and the kind of work possibilities it has to offer.

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