Frequently asked Python Interview Questions

Software Development | Design, Digital, Technology | Sep 28,2021 | By Nandini S

Python is a widely used and popular data mining and machine learning programming language. Python is a wonderful language to start your career in the IT business or if you want to get started with programming because it was meant to be easy to read and understand. Python is the subject of the most often asked questions by interviewers. This blog will address some of the most commonly asked interview questions.

1. What is Python?

ANS : Python is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted programming language. With the correct tools/libraries, it may be used to construct practically any form of application because it is a general-purpose language. Python also has features such as objects, modules, threads, exception handling, and automatic memory management, all of which aid in the modeling of real-world issues and the development of applications to solve them.

2. Define tuples in Python?

ANS : Tuples is a Python sequence data type. Commas are used to separate the number of values in tuples.

3. Tell us the limitations of Python?

ANS : Python has a number of constraints, including the following:

  • It has limitations in terms of design.
  • When compared to C and C++, or Java, it is slower.
  • In mobile computing, it is inefficient.
  • It's made up of a rudimentary database access layer.

4. Can we use a break and together in Python?

ANS: In Python, you can use a break and continue together. The break command will terminate the current loop, whereas the jump command will start a new one.

5. Can we reverse a list in Python?

ANS: Yes, we can reserve a list in Python using the reverse() method.

6. Why do you need a break in Python?

ANS : Break aids in loop control by interrupting the current loop's execution and transferring control to the next block.

7. Tell us the use of relational operators in Python?

ANS : The relational operators in Python are used to compare values.

8. Explain the database in Django?

ANS : Using the command edit mysite/, you may begin the process of creating a database. This is a standard Python module that represents Django settings at the module level. Django uses SQLite by default, which is simple to use because it doesn't require any further setup.

9. What is the use of assignment operators in Python?

ANS : In Python, the assignment operators can be used to combine all arithmetic operators with the assignment symbol.

10. Do runtime errors exist in Python?

ANS : Yes, Python has runtime errors. If you're duck typing and something looks like a duck, it's deemed a duck, even if it's simply a flag or a stamp or anything else. A Run-time Error would be the code in this situation. For example, if you print "Hackr io," the runtime error is the missing parenthesis that print requires ( ).

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