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To help you master your interviews, here are some of the most often asked HTML interview questions. So begin your study as soon as possible!pTo help you master your interviews, here are some of the most often asked HTML interview questions. So begin your study as soon as possible!

1.What are HTML Forms?

ANS:You may add a form to a webpage if you wish to gather information from users. When a user fills out the form fields, the data is saved in a database that you choose.

2.In HTML, what are void elements?

ANS:Some HTML elements simply require an opening tag and no closing tag, and they are referred to as void elements. 

3.In an HTML file, how do you maintain list items straight?

ANS:To keep the components of a list aligned straight, use indents. You may use a nested list and indent it farther than the parent list to readily identify the lists and components that are included within the list.

4.Is it possible to modify the bullet's colour?

ANS:You must alter the text colour of the first line in the list to change the colour of the bullet. The colour for the bullet comes from the first line in the list.

5.Is the audio tag in HTML 5 supported?

ANS:HTML5 has audio tags, which may be used to add audio to a webpage. MP3, WAV, and OGG are among the file formats supported by HTML5.

6.How do you define metadata in HTML?

ANS:In HTML, the tag is used to specify metadata. Because is a void tag, there is no closing tag.

7.How do you include a copyright sign in an HTML page?

ANS:In the HTML file, use "©" as well as "©" to insert the copyright sign.

8.What is the distinction between HTML tags and HTML elements?

ANS:The starting and finishing tags indicate the start and end of the HTML element. The tags are surrounded by the sign. HTML Elements are the text that is typed between HTML tags and contains the content.

9.How do I make text flash in HTML?

ANS:The HTML tag denotes a non-standard element used to produce enclosed text. It flashes slowly and typically blinks, which means that light flashes on and off in a regular or intermittent manner. The blinking effect is employed extremely infrequently since it is not eye relaxing for users to watch a section of text continually going on and off.

10.How can I link html to a MySQL database?

ANS:Filter your HTML form needs for your contact us web page in Step 1. Step 2: In MySQL, create a database and a table. Step 3: Design an HTML form. Step 4: Create a PHP page to insert data from the contact us HTML form into the MySQL database. Step 5: You're done!

11.What is the best way to embed a YouTube video in HTML?

ANS:Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to embed on a computer. SHARE is located beneath the video. Click the Embed button. Copy the HTML code from the box that displays. Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your blog or website.

12.Why is doctype used in HTML?

ANS:Doctype is used for Document Type Declaration, as well as informing the web browser about the type and version of HTML used in the creation of the online document.

13.How do I make an HTML hyperlink?

ANS:To create a hyperlink in an HTML page, use the and elements.

14.Who created HTML?

ANS:Tim Berners-Lee is the creator of HTML.

15.What exactly is an attribute in HTML?

ANS:HTML attributes contribute to the provision of more information about HTML components. Attributes are always present in HTML elements. Attributes offer information about items that is not provided by the element itself. The start tag is always present in attributes. Attributes are commonly used in name/value pairs, such as name="value."

16.How can I insert a link in HTML?

ANS:In order to add links in HTML, we utilise the and tags, which are used to specify the links. The tag marks the beginning of the hyperlink and the tag shows the end of it. Whatever content is put within these tags will function as a hyperlink. In the , include the URL for the link.

17.In HTML, how do you underline text?

ANS:The u tag is used to highlight text. The u element was deprecated in HTML, although it was reinstated in HTML5.

18.What exactly is span in HTML?

ANS:The HTML span element is a general inline container for expressing material that does not represent anything intrinsically. It may also be used to group components for stylistic purposes, such as utilising the class or id attributes, or to group elements that share attribute values, such as lang.

19.What is the purpose of HTML?

ANS:HTML is a markup language that is used to create static web pages.

20. How do I insert a space in HTML?

ANS: To insert a space on a webpage, go to the desired location and press the spacebar. Normally, HTML shows one space between words, regardless of how many times you press the space bar. You may now force an extra space by typing. This is referred to be a non-breaking space since it prevents a line break at its place.

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