Front End Web Developer Job Interview Questions for Freshers

Web Design Interview | Business, Design, Technology | Apr 29,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

Looking for a job as a frontend developer and confused about how and what to prepare for the interview?

This is the perfect platform to prepare and ace your front-end developer interview like a professional. There is a growing demand for frontend developers across the globe due to the digital revolution.

Here is the list of few frequently asked questions during front-end developer interviews. This would assist you to easily crack interviews in any organization as a front-end developer.

Question 1: What are meta tags?

-Meta tags are always written inside the head tag of the HTML page and passed as name/value pairs. They are included for the browser and are not displayed on the web page. Meta tags include information about character encoding, description, the title of the document, etc.

Question 2: State the different types of HTML5 storage?

HTML 5 stores the data locally in a fast and secure way. However, there are two objects which can be utilized to store data in HTML5. local Storage object- for storing data for a longer period of time also post the browser is closed. session Storage object-for storing data for a specific session.

Question 3: Name 5 Bootstrap classes
  • Accordion
  • Badges
  • Borders
  • Alerts
  • Buttons
Question 4: Explain iframe and how it works?

An iframe is an HTML document that is embedded inside another HTML page if required.

Question 5:What is z index?

Z-index is a property in CSS which is used for controlling the vertical stacking order of elements that overlap. It is used only if the element has a position value other than the default static value.

Question 6: What is the need for alt attributes on images?

The alt attribute provides the user with alternative information for an image if the user is unable to view it. Any other image can be described using alt attributes excluding those which serve only decorative purposes. If it serves a decorative purpose it should be left empty.

Question 7:What video formats are supported in HTML 5?

The video formats supported in HTML5 are Ogg, MPEG4, WebM.

Question 8:What audio formats are supported in HTML 5?

The audio formats supported in HTML5 are Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV.

Question 9:What is < !doctype >? What is the benefit of using this HTML5?

!doctype is used for declaration. It helps the browser to identify which version of HTML or any other mark-up language is being used in the document. It is not case-sensitive.

Question 10:What is the difference between span and div?

div is a block-level element used to make divisions in the content or wrap sections on the web page. span is an inline element used for styling texts.

Hope these provide you with an insight into the questions which can be asked in the front-end developer interview. However, when it comes to interviews you can never be too prepared.

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