Web Design Course and Web Designer salary In Bangalore

Web Design Interview | Business, Design, Technology | Apr 15,2021 | By Nikita Dhiman

The Web Design Course by A2N Academy provides learning with a practical approach. It has not only benefited students with its teaching but also helped them develop technical skills.

With years of experience, the professional trainers of A2N Academy educate concepts of:
  • BootStrap 4
  • Wireframe
  • UI Design
  • CSS 3.0
  • HTML5
  • Javascript, and Website Hosting and tools.

A2N Academy offers a course completion certificate and internship programs to students and helps them work as entry-level web designers at top reputed IT companies with a renowned Web Designer salary.

Job Roles of a Web Designer

  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Front-end Web Designers
  • UI designers and UX designers for decent pay.

Now let me answer your awaited question.

Yes, these job roles do have handsomely paid annual salary packages too. And believe me when I say this, for your convenience, you can work in renowned IT, Software companies in Bangalore itself.

What is the annual package salary for Web Designers in Bangalore?

A Web Designer's annual salary mainly depends on their level of experience. We begin with Entry-level designers to Median-level designers and Senior-level designers.

Based on these positions, there are a few of the best salary information websites that provide accurate figures of the current annual pay of Web designers.

Web Designer annual salary in Bangalore

Source Entry-level Median-level Senior-level
SalaryExpert ₹5,93,672 ₹1,197,494 ₹2,025,203
Payscale ₹485,000 ₹1,336,000 ₹3,020,000
Glassdoor ₹600,000 ₹1,003,000 ₹2,095,000

The table clearly shows that Web Designers are in high demand in Bangalore.

Web Designers in Bangalore earn 24.6% average or more than the national average, says Payscale, as the salary packages of this job are higher than the average payroll in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and many more.

So I assume this is the golden chance you do not want to lose. With the excellent coaching and skill development training of A2N Academy, you are sure to be recruited by the most preferred IT companies in Bangalore.


Freelance Web Designers earn pretty decent pay based on their work. They receive an average monthly salary of ₹646,318. I say this is worth the hard work.

Premium Web Designer Salary

Web Designers are getting paid an average annual salary of 40 to 60 lakhs in various startups like Swiggy, Ola, OYO, and many more.

As we all know that after the pandemic hit the road, businesses of various companies have extremely stooped down. With the need for creative and innovative websites with aesthetic designs, Web designers are sure in demand by all businesses.

Now is your chance to define your career. Do not miss it!

Join the Web Design course with A2N Academy today and transform your career today!

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