Web Designer Salary in India for freshers after Web Design Course

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With a great deal of hard work put into learning about Web Design and secure decent pay in a reputed IT company, you took up this Web Designing course. Am I correct?

But you may already know that the web designer's salary varies based on their experience, type of employment, and a few other factors.

So let us dive into the various salary types that benefit a web designer and help me help you by guiding the Web Designer salary provided in India.

The Average Web Designer's Annual Salary:

To give you an estimate of the average annual web designer salary and as the figures slightly differ, I have made a note of the Web Designer salary figures from a few of the best salary information websites to help you clarify your doubts.

Source Web Designer Annual Salary in India
Glassdoor ₹835,944
Payscale ₹974,454
Salary Expert ₹778,570

This average annual salary description is the earning of web designers with 0-2years of experience in front-end designing.

Your salary will depend on the place you work, experience, abilities, and interests too.

After internship programs in Web designing, an entry-level web designer can expect this package. Moving on, we will glance at the salaries based on the listed vital components:

Web Designer Salary on the type of position:

In 2019, Dribbble, a self-promoting and social networking platform for designers, conducted a Global Design Survey and stated that these four employment types help you become a web designer.

  • Part-time Employment
  • Self-Employment
  • In-house Full-time Employment
  • An agency Full-time Employment

The scope of Web Designing has escalated over the years. But International or National, Web Designer Salary will differ when you work as a freelancer or a permanent employee.

Job Profile of a Freelance Web Designer

A freelance Web designer earns an average monthly pay of ₹546,318. Quite a good catch, right?

Premium Web Designer Salary

Web Designers are also getting paid an average annual salary of 40 to 60 lakhs in various startups like Swiggy, Ola, OYO, and many more.

Location and Experience-based Salary of Web Designers:

Yes, your location and experience of work determine your salary. The demand for Web Designers depends on your designing talent and capabilities that can influence companies globally.

India's Web Designer annual salary provided by Salary Expert

Country Entry-level Mid-level Senior-level

Annual Global Web Designer salaries

Country Entry-level Entry-level Senior-level
Australia (AUD) $72,621 $101,378 $125,408
Argentina (ARS) $ 573.630 $ 777.118 $ 990.592
Austria (EUR) € 43 371 € 60 678 € 74 896
Bahamas (BSD) $41,585 $58,037 $71,812
Brazil (BRL) R$65.543 R$90.933 R$113.186
Canada (CAD) $60,915 $85,175 $105,193
China (CNY) ¥149,897 ¥207,360 ¥258,855
Egypt (EGP) 107,556ج.م 148,306ج.م 185,738ج.م
Finland (EUR) 41 381 € 57 966 € 71 461 €
France (EUR) 38 409 € 53 737 € 66 328 €
Hong Kong SAR (HKD) HK$375,297 HK$522,761 HK$648,095
Israël (ILS) ₪ 128,774 ₪ 180,009 ₪ 222,378
Japan (JPY) ¥5,670,799 ¥7,941,013 ¥9,792,818
Mexico (MXN) $219,488 $305,660 $379,031
Morocco (MAD) 98,028. د. م. 169,284. د. م. 136,547. د. م.
New Zealand (NZD) $68,924 $96,293 $119,024
Pakistan (PKR) Rs 1,132,707 Rs 1,558,399 Rs 1,956,054
Peru (PEN) S/27,662 S/38,488 S/47,769
Philippines (PHP) ₱360,977 ₱500,431 ₱623,366
Russia (RUB) 640 483 ₽ 886 012 ₽ 1 106 042 ₽
South Africa (ZAR) R259,458 R359,693 R448,054
South Korea (KRW) ₩30,987,277 ₩43,105,178 ₩53,511,457
Sweden (SEK) 330.630 kr 462.573 kr 570.960 kr
Turkey (TRY) 61.549 ₺ 85.159 ₺ 106.289 ₺
United Kingdom (GBP) £32,428 £45,343 £56,000
United States (USD) $56,587 $79,124 $97,720

Indeed, the annual salary received as a web Designer is satisfying and provides a sense of assurance for a secured future. So hurry up and take up the web designing course for a flourishing career ahead!

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