Full-stack web developer salary in Bangalore as a fresher

Web Design Interview | Business, Design, Technology | Apr 24,2021 | By Ajay Kumar
You completed your web development course and just stepped out of your cocoon. There are hundreds and thousands of job opportunities to work as a web developer, but how much can an entry-level Full-stack developer make?

Now that is a good question. It might surprise you if I say an entry-level full-stack developer salary annually in India is approximately ₹800,000. I know, worth it, right?

And in Bangalore, as an entry-level full-stack web developer, you can expect an annual salary of ₹853,000!

Yeah, you heard it right. You can already foresee your payscale as there is no stopping of it.

With proper guidance and teaching, A2N Academy can help you receive a decent full-stack developer annual payroll.

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But why are these important for a fresher? For a decent full-stack developer salary, yes, it is necessary to receive a course completion certificate, but it is also needed to develop your skills and capabilities while learning the course.

And this is the very reason A2N Academy aims to upskill you with the use of modern technical skills.

The annual salary scale of each level of a Full-stack developer in Bangalore.

We are referring to some of the best salary information websites.

Source Entry-level Median-level Senior-level
Glassdoor ₹753,000 ₹951,000 ₹2,511,000
Payscale ₹664,000 ₹ 895,000 ₹2,000,000
Salary Expert ₹701,739 ₹988,809 ₹3,247,197

Job Profile of a FREELANCE Full-stack Web Developer

Freelance Full-Stack Developers earn pretty decent pay based on their work. They receive an average monthly salary of ₹546,318.

Premium Full-Stack Web Developer Salary

Full-stack developers are getting paid an average annual salary of 40 to 60 lakhs in various startups like Swiggy, Ola, OYO, and many more.

Why do you think Bangalore provides such opportunities compared to other cities and states? Because Bangalore is the foundation of many Indian technology companies, namely, Infosys Technologies Limited, a digital aiding company, and Wipro Ltd., one of India's enormous information technology services firms, and many other IT, Software companies reside here. When technology is at its peak in Bangalore, it is pretty evident that all sorts of Web Developers are in demand by the current IT companies.

And after the pandemic, every business started relying on web pages, websites for profits as that was the only mode to communicate with the people.

If you see, the average annual salary of a Full-stack developer in India is ₹1,073,000.

Now I bet you would choose Bangalore. Am I right, or am I right?

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