Full-stack web developer salary in India after the certification course

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A2N Academy, a forum for knowledge, enhances learning in students by offering a qualitative web development course. Many aspire to be a Full-stack developer to have a better-secured career. The academy makes sure to educate you on the core programming languages, namely

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, and also how to program a browser using jQuery, Vue, or Angular, and many other technical skills, eventually turning you into a professional developer.

The course completion certificate that you receive holds plenty of references and importance. It is the free pass you need to get into a reputed corporate firm.

Full-stack developers in India are in high demand. When Covid-19 rose to the existence, many businesses incurred heavy losses and were close to running out of business. Web pages and websites came into the picture resulting in companies hiring an end number of web developers and designers to improve the marketing strategies online.

The annual salary scale of Full-stack developers through some salary information websites

Source Entry-level Median-level Senior-level
Glassdoor ₹600,000 ₹873,000 ₹1,600,000
Payscale ₹700,000 ₹900,000 ₹2,000,000
Salary Expert ₹668,397 ₹941,827 ₹2,187,937

Yet again, your salary depends on the location of your work, your experience, the company, and your skills.

Location Wise

Various IT companies located in states and cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Chennai include top-paying jobs.

But Bangalore tops when it comes to high-paying jobs in the corporate sector.

Experience Wise

Your salary will depend on the years of experience you have in developing webs.

Company Wise:

The company you work for determines your salary package. If it's a renowned company with years of experience, then you can expect a decent payroll.

Skills and Interests:

There is no end to learning. If you want a hike in your salary, you need to analyze and improve your web developing skills every day. Your performance will alter your paycheck.

And if I have to talk about the Average salary of a Full-stack web developer in global terms, I would select The United States of America, Canada, and The United Kingdom.

Source Country Average annual salary
Indeed The USA US$108,105
Glassdoor Canada C$82,121
Glassdoor London, UK £53,878


Freelance Full-stack web developers have their benefits. An hourly salary rate of a freelancer is Rs.4,574 to Rs.8,000. Once again, this is solely based on the experience of the individual.

Premium Full-Stack Web Developer Salary

Full-stack developers are also paid an average annual salary of 40 to 60 lakhs in various startups like Swiggy, Ola, OYO, and many more.

Do not forget that your certification holds high value, including your internship programs. It can help you negotiate the salary package or hike you wish to receive from the company. So any city, state, or country you want to work in, your web development certification will help you attain your goal.

A2N, therefore, develops your technical skills with Real-time projects, assignments, and internship programs.

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