Java Programming Made Easy for Beginners

Software Development | Business, Design, Technology | Oct 6,2021 | By Shashvathi G

For newbies, learning to code might be a little intimidating. It's not simple to keep your calm when smashing your way through millions of programmers with little experience and an ill-defined career path. Is your schooling going to be rigorous? Yes! Would it be difficult? Sometimes. Is it too late to give it a shot? It most certainly isn't.


I'd like to work as a software engineer. What should I start with?


The first logical step is to choose appropriate technologies and programming languages, to begin with in order to have a decent future job. If you Google what language is the best, you'll get a lot of differing viewpoints. Every developer will try to persuade you to choose their own decision; this is characteristic of human psychology. Anyway, because different languages serve diverse functions, there is no such thing as "the best language in the Universe."

For years, at least a half-dozen programming languages have occupied the top spots in various rankings. According to the TIOBE Programming Community ranking, Java continues to be the most popular programming language, with the most searches across the most popular search engines. C, Python, and C++ are the languages that come after it. The top three most popular languages of all time, according to GitHub's Octoverse rating, are Javascript, Java, and Python.


Java is a beginner-friendly language.


There are absolutely languages that are easier to learn than Java. First and foremost, it's Python, a language with a simple and easy-to-understand syntax. However, there are more real-world problems that Java can tackle than Python can. Because Java is a high-level language, it is simple to learn. This implies you won't have to go into as much detail as you would with a lower-level language. Unlike C++, garbage collection in Java (i.e. destroying "unused objects eating up space in memory") occurs without your involvement. However, Java is low-level enough to tackle the majority of tasks.

Java is always changing. Every six months, a new version is released, with features that are essential for modern programming. Java, on the other hand, offers excellent backward compatibility (compatibility with older versions). When you've mastered the Java Virtual Machine, you'll be able to use it with other languages with ease. Groovy, Scala, Kotlin, and Clojure are just a few examples. So, if you want to, you can join as many fascinating projects as you like to expand your technology stack expertise.

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