The Top Java Frameworks You Should Be Aware Of

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Java Frameworks are collections of pre-written code to which you can add your own code. However, there are numerous frameworks available, each with its own set of applications. As a result, in this essay, we'll go through the top Java frameworks you should know.

What are Java frameworks and how do you use them?

Frameworks are enormous collections of pre-written code to which you can add your own to solve a problem. You use a framework by calling its methods, inheriting from it, and providing callbacks, listeners, or other pattern implementations. The structure of an application is frequently dictated by a framework. Some frameworks even include so much code that you only need to write a small portion of your application. This can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on how simple it is to use. The foundation of programming is frameworks. You build on a fantastic foundation; your program is sturdy and speedy, and it all comes together well. Let's look at the various frameworks.

Top Java frameworks used

Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a lightweight application development framework for Enterprise Java that is quite powerful (JEE). The Spring Framework's main capabilities can be utilized to create any Java application. It's touted as a fully functional modular framework. This framework can be used for all layers of a real-time application's implementation. Unlike other frameworks, it can be used to construct a certain layer of a real-time application, but with Spring, we can develop all layers. Incorporate applications, Spring and all of its modules, such as Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Security, Spring ORM, and others, are used.


Hibernate ORM is a well-known Java object-relational mapping framework. It allows the Java programming language and relational database management systems to communicate more effectively (RDBMS). When using an object-oriented language such as Java, you'll run into a problem known as Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch, also known as Paradigm Mismatch. This is due to the fact that OO languages and RDBMSs handle data in different ways, which can lead to serious mismatch issues. As a result, Hibernate provides a framework that addresses Java's mismatch issues.


The Apache Software Foundation maintains another enterprise-level framework (ASF). This full-featured Java web application framework allows developers to design a Java application that is simple to maintain. There are two variants available. Struts 1 and Struts 2 are two different types of struts. Struts 2 is a hybrid of the OpenSymphony webwork framework and Struts 1. However, because Struts 2 is an improved version of Apache Struts, it is preferred by all firms.

Google web toolkit [GWT]

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open-source framework that allows developers to create client-side Java code and convert it to JavaScript. Many Google products, such as AdSense, Google Wallet, and Blogger, are written in GWT. Developers may quickly code complicated web applications using GWT. You may also use it to create and debug Ajax applications in Java. The beauty of GWT is that it allows you to create complicated browser-based applications without having to be an expert in front-end technologies like JavaScript optimization or responsive design.


For highly scalable Java applications, this is a reactive web and mobile framework. Play allows you to create web-friendly and lightweight Java and Scala applications for desktop and mobile devices. It's frequently compared to powerful frameworks for other languages, such as Ruby on Rails or Python's Django. Play is a one-of-a-kind Java framework because it is not based on the Java EE standards. Instead, it aims to eliminate all of the drawbacks of traditional Java web development, such as long development cycles, extensive configuration, and so on. Play framework, which is based on Akka Toolkit, simplifies the development of concurrent and distributed applications using the Java Virtual Machine. This brings us to the end of this article.

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