Top 10 Java Interview Questions

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Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is the most popular programming language for Android development. Thus, this article is curated with the most important Java Interview Questions that are necessary to land your dream job in the IT industry.

1.What is a Class in Java ?

ANS:A class is a template in Java that is used to build objects and define their data types. It serves as a foundation for systems based on the Java programming language.

2.Define Multi threading?

ANS:Multi-threading is a programming paradigm that allows a single program to do numerous tasks at the same time.

3.Who developed Java?

ANS:In 1995, James Gosling of Sun Microsystems developed Java.

4.What is the function of JVM?

ANS:The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) provides a runtime environment in which Java Byte Codes can be executed.

5.Differentiate overloading and overriding?

ANS:Overloading occurs when two methods with the same name but differing properties exist. Overriding occurs when there are two methods with the same name and properties, one in the child class and the other in the parent class.

6.What is a Package ?

ANS:A package is a grouping of classes and interfaces that are related.

7.Define JSON ?

ANS:The acronym JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It's written in JavaScript and is only available in text format.

8.What is the most important feature of Java?

ANS:The most important feature of Java is it is a platform independent language.

9.What do you mean by constructors in Java?

ANS:Constructor is a block of code used to initialize an object.

10.Explain Garbage Collection In Java?

ANS:When a Java object is no longer utilized or referenced, garbage collection is invoked, and the object is automatically destroyed.

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