Top 10 .Net Interview Questions

Software Development | Design, Digital, Technology | Sep 28,2021 | By Nandini S

It is important for any person to have a good understanding of the IT industry as it will affect their future careers. This article will give some insight into the top 10 most popular .Net Interview questions.

1.What is meant by .Net Framework?

ANS: The.NET framework enables an object-oriented method for developing Windows applications. C#, VB, Cobol, Perl,.NET, and other languages are supported. It includes a wide range of tools and functions, including classes, libraries, and APIs, for developing, deploying, and running web services and other applications.

2. Which are the different components of .Net?

ANS: The components of.NET are listed below-

  • Common Language run-time
  • Application Domain
  • Common Type System
  • NET Class Library
  • NET Framework
  • Profiling

3. Tell us about JIT?

ANS: JIT stands for "Just In Time" and is a compiler. It's used to translate intermediate code into the target language. The intermediate code is transformed into the native language during execution.

4. What is meant by BCL?

ANS: The Base Class Library (BCL) is a collection of classes, interfaces, and value types. It's where the.NET framework's applications, components, and controls all start. Encapsulates a large number of common functions and makes them accessible to programmers. Threading, input/output, security, diagnostics, resources, globalization, and other features are included. It also provides a means of communication between the user and the runtime. It also includes namespaces that are regularly used. for example system, system, system, system, system, system, system, system, system, system, system, Various activities, etc.

5. What is the difference between namespace and assembly?

ANS: The difference between an assembly and a namespace is that an assembly is a physical grouping of logical units, whereas a namespace is a logical grouping of classes. A namespace can also be shared across many assemblies.

6. From which base class all web Forms are inherited?

ANS: All web forms are inherited from the page class.

7.What is the use of Response.Output.Write()?

ANS: Response.Output.Write() is used to get the formatted output.

8. Tell us about CLR?

ANS: CLR stands for common language run-time, and it's a crucial part of the.NET framework. CLR can be used to develop a variety of applications and provides a secure execution environment for them. The code in a C# program is transformed into an intermediate language whenever it is compiled. Following that, the code is directed to CLR, which then conducts memory management, security checks, assembly loading, and thread management.

9. How can you prevent a class from being inherited?

ANS: The sealed keyword in C# can be used to prevent a class from being inherited.

10. Define LINQ?

ANS: It stands for Language integrated query, and it was first used in Visual Studio 2008. LINQ is a set of features that add query support to the.NET framework language syntax, allowing data manipulation regardless of the data source. The LINQ query language connects the worlds of objects and data.

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